Thoughts on being 'overdue'

20 March 2017

I'm going to be pregnant forever.

That's what it feels like right now anyway. I genuinely feel like April the I've been growing a baby for over 15 months. In fact, April the Giraffe may possibly beat me at giving birth (it's still a possibility).

Before I became pregnant, I was oblivious to a lot of things, and now I know that the phrase 'due date' is probably the most annoying phrase in the world. A 'due date' suggests that something is expected on that date, much like a parcel. But my baby isn't an order, and it isn't something that you can choose to be delivered by express delivery at a certain time. It's a living, breathing, tiny human and only your body can decide when it's ready for baby to meet the world.

For that reason, I've spent the whole of my pregnancy calling my 'due date' my 'guess date', because essentially, that's all it really is. A guess.

I've always focused on the mantra that baby will come when baby is ready. There is no point trying to wish baby to be here if the time is not right as that would be no good for me and definitely no good for baby. It needs to be a natural process, and if our bodies are so incredible that they can grow a human life, then our bodies are clever enough to deliver when ready.

However, it can get frustrating waiting around. You start to doubt your own body. Am I able to do this? Is my body doing what it's meant to be doing? Why have others gone into labour and I haven't yet? I think all of these questions are normal really. When you've spent 9 months waiting for the best present of your life, it's only natural that the excitement can turn to angst. A baby will have to come eventually, and whether it's today, tomorrow or Saturday, baby will come.

So, according to my 'guess date', I'm now overdue by 9 days. I'm uncomfortable, tired, anxious and emotional, yet still positive and smiling.

I've tried to focus on just relaxing, spending time with Dan, walking little Max and making sure absolutely everything is ready for Peanut's arrival. I've had my hair done. I've eaten about 40 million Nandos. I went and saw the new Beauty and the Beast and ate fresh pineapple throughout.

Every day I go and stand in the nursery and just take it all in. It's ready and waiting, we're ready and waiting!

I've lost count of how many times I've hoovered, the kitchen is constantly being cleaned, and the hospital bags are waiting by the door. There's only so long left and I know the end of being pregnant is finally near. This crazy 9 month journey that has kept me on my toes (and sometimes face down into a toilet bowl) is nearly over.

I'm just going to savour nurturing my bump whilst I can, until bump turns into baby.

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  1. Aww, every day I'm crossing my fingers for you and hoping Peanut is on the way! I know what you mean about thinking of it as a guess date, but as logical as it is that baby will only come when ready, I can appreciate your frustration as I expect I will be exactly the same... As much as I'll miss being pregnant, and feeling bub's movements that are like a secret communication between us, I can't wait for that first cuddle! I hope it's not much longer for you - maybe Peanut just really wanted to be a spring baby?! xxx

  2. Hang in there Tamsin! Can't wait to meet little one when the time comes! Hey, maybe baby is a Monday feelin' kinda baby! (:


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