Pregnancy: what I'll miss & what I won't miss

10 March 2017

Would you believe it, but my due date is tomorrow. I'd like to say that it's crept up on Dan and I, but it really hasn't. The date has snowballed towards us at the rate of an avalanche, and even though we're ready for Peanut to arrive and frustrated with waiting for what seems like forever, it can be quite overwhelming too. I must have gone over my hospital bags 5 times, and I will stand in the nursery and just look around for minutes at a time. It's a surreal phase in my life.

One of the questions that you get asked often with pregnancy is 'have you enjoyed it?' It's an interesting question actually, as I don't think any woman goes through pregnancy without any troubles, big or small. 9 months seems a long time, yet somehow it's short too. Your body goes through so much and it's a time that is totally 100% life changing. One day, you're pregnant, and the next day, you're not and you have this little bundle of joy to look after. It's actually a very bizarre concept when you think about it. It got me thinking about the things that I'm going to miss about pregnancy and the things that I'm not going to miss so much.

Things I'll Miss

  • Knowing you're imperative to nourishing and growing a new life which you and your love have created. There's nothing quite like it.
  • Feeling baby move inside you - from the earliest flutters to the largest of kicks where it genuinely takes your breath away (and can sometimes even hurt!)
  • Planning for the future - Dan and I have loved decorating the nursery, booking our holidays and speaking to airlines about purchasing a baby ticket once they've arrived, discussing what schools they may go to in the years to come.
  • Watching your body change - it's sometimes been hard, but for the most part, it is absolutely incredible. Not a day has gone past without me thinking 'wow, I have a baby inside of me.'
  • Taking weekly bump photos - if you feel like you haven't grown a bump, then weekly bump photos are the way to confirm that you have! 
  • Listening to baby's heartbeat - this is overwhelmingly amazing. The first time Dan and I heard it, we just couldn't believe it. That was our baby, and it's little heart! Beating fast and strong. I've saved all the recordings to my phone, and we even have the heartbeat inside of a teddy bear for us to play back.
  • Friendliness of strangers - this might seem weird, but so many people want to chat to you when you're pregnant. Every shop you go in, the staff seem to want to ask you what you're having, when you're due, if you have long left etc. It's really lovely.
  • The anticipation of what's to come - even on a bad day, knowing that in a couple of months/weeks/days I will have my baby is the most incredible feeling. It makes every day worth it. 
  • Nourishing my bump with oils and butters - there is something lovely about giving your bump a mini massage every day and looking after the skin. It feels like you're cuddling your baby somehow.

Things I Won't Miss

  • Constant worry - OK, I know this one won't go away once the baby is here, but it will be a different type of worry. The worry you have whilst pregnant (particularly in the first trimester) can be all consuming. Is the baby ok? Should I be eating this? The list goes on, and all you want to know is that your baby is doing fine.
  • Sickness/nausea - Not everyone gets this in pregnancy, and if you don't then you're lucky, but I've suffered with this a lot in the last 9 months. In the early days where you have no bump, it can be very embarrassing if you don't get to a toilet in time (this has happened to me many times) and people assume you have a massive hangover. Not only this, but the nausea knocks you for six. There were days I couldn't lift my head without feeling like I was going to fall over.
  • Needing the toilet all the time - This is no joke, I mean all the time. As baby gets bigger, your bladder gets more squashed, which means you end up needing the loo constantly. I'm looking forward to having my bladder back to it's normal size and not planning shopping trips around public loos, believe me!
  • Feeling uncomfortable - this gets worse as the pregnancy goes on, and I cannot remember the last time I had a decent sleep. Whether it's back pain, tummy pain, side pain, pelvic pain, or general discomfort, it does make your life very, very hard sometimes.
  • Sleeping on your side - I naturally sleep on my stomach, so this has been hard to adapt to. You're not recommended to sleep on your back either, which means you can only sleep on your sides, preferably your left side. It's not a natural way to sleep for me so I've had to train myself to do it, and it hasn't been nice!
  • Heartburn - I'd never experienced it before pregnancy. Trust me, it. is. horrible.
  • Strangers touching your bump - I don't know why randomers feel the need to touch your bump, but they do. And by the time they're asking 'can I feel your bump?' their hands are already on you. It actually feels very invasive.
  • The way your body just says no to foods - this really does happen. My body has hardly let me eat meat the whole way through this pregnancy, and even wouldn't let me eat avocados for a month or two. I know. The horror.
  • Not being able to eat/drink certain foods - I cannot wait for a massive cheeseboard, washed down with a nice glass of red wine. 
  • Needing assistance all the time - it feels like it's been forever since I was able to get in and out of the bath on my own. And don't even get me started on putting on socks and shoes.
  • Not being able to see my feet - this is similar to the point above and causes all sorts of problems.

I'm sure many other women can relate to this. Pregnancy is a crazy journey of ups and downs. Just as it starts, you get nearer to the end. All I know is that I wouldn't have changed my pregnancy for the world, and I'm just really ready to meet little Peanut now.

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  1. I never knew that pregnant women weren't allowed cheese, I thought it was just eggs?

    I'm so excited for you when peanut arrives I've enjoyed reading / following your journey I hope he/she arrives soon and good luck with everything xxx

    1. Thank you so much Sarah! It means a lot that you've enjoyed following my pregnancy journey :) yes, you can't eat soft cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Stilton etc! But eggs are fine as long as the yolk isn't runny. So many rules and regulations! xxx

  2. I have loved reading your pregnancy updates! I hope you have your baby soon and labour goes well! Sending you warm thoughts and love. Thank you for sharing your journey xxxx Nina

    1. Thank you so much Nina! It's been so lovely having people follow our journey :) xxx


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