Home Improvements: Garden Edition

14 March 2017

Has anyone been spying the glimpse of sunshine we've had recently? I didn't need to wear my coat whilst walking Max and I genuinely could have done with sunglasses when I was driving at points. Yesterday, I sat down at our family allotment with my Mum whilst she planted some asparagus (I would have helped but, y'know...being pregnant and overdue sucks.) It was glorious just sitting there in the sun, feeling the warmth on my face. I could actually feel the vitamin D soaking into my skin. Total bliss. It was a wonderful hint that Spring is on the way, and that Summer will follow soon after. Dan and I are so excited, that we've booked not one, but two Summer holidays. I know - mega keen!

But more on those another day.

With the weather changing, it's been hard not to think about sprucing up the outdoor regions of our house. In all honesty, there's not much that we need to do as we have a lot of communal areas that are taken care by a management team, but I love planning things for my parents garden. With a new baby arriving to the family, they've already been planning moving bits around the garden to make way for all sorts of kids toys and even a little wendy house!

We already have a hot tub, so I think the next big investment would be some really decent garden furniture. I've always loved cosy & comfy rattan chairs so this would be on my to-buy list. It would be lovely to have a barbecue with friends and then relax back with a glass of pimms - perfect!

Speaking of barbecues - you really don't need to have an incredible one to be an outdoor cooking connoisseur. Dan and I have created some serious food masterpieces from some basic disposable barbecues in the past and I'm pretty sure many of you have too! However, this bbq meets fire pit would definitely be one of my Summer wishlist buys. The fact that it's slightly lower to the ground and round means that it's a natural gathering point for family and friends. You can just imagine everyone sitting round it, tucking into hot dogs and homemade burgers keeping toasty warm as the coals burn. Ideal scenario in my opinion.

Kind of a kid like wishlist item, but I've always wanted one of these inflatable outdoor lounger chairs to relax in. This would be ideal for camping too as you can just take it with you wherever you go. I'd have to be careful of Max's little claws though or the whole thing would just go pop! He loves sunbathing as much as I do you see.

Does anyone have any plans to spruce up their garden for this Summer? I'd love to know your recommendations for fire pits, although I think that bbq/firepit might be an incredible buy!

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