Valentine's Day

15 February 2017

Ahh February 14th - a day that splits the nation almost as much as Brexit does.

Personally, I don't really understand the amount of hate that Valentine's Day gets. Yes, you should show someone you love and appreciate them every day, and yes it's a brilliant way for card shops and florists to make a total bounty, but if there's an excuse to be a little bit soppy with your loved one, isn't that only a good thing? Dan is the first person that I've ever celebrated Valentine's Day with so I'm more than happy to partake, even in the smallest of ways.

Valentine's Day is actually quite an important day for Dan and I in our relationship. We were still in the first few months of our relationship and I was still living in Bournemouth and he was at home in Essex. He drove down to see me with a big bunch of flowers, we took the dog for a long walk, went for a steak and chips dinner where we chatted for about 4 hours, drank lots of beer and gin & tonics and nearly forgot to order our food, and finished the day off with Oreo milkshakes from Sprinkles. It was one of those days that I will always look back on and think 'good things come to those who wait.'

We decided that the steak and chips dinner would become our Valentine's Day tradition, so that's exactly what we did last night. With me being heavily pregnant, we opted to dine in and watch a film. Of course, alcohol was off the cards this year (Dan is also not drinking now in case I go into labour!) but we made sure the night was cosy and comfortable. I whipped up some homemade chips (Dan's favourite) and Dan came in from work with a huge bouquet of flowers for me. We opened our cards together - something I always look forward to since being engaged - I will never tire of buying cards for my 'fiancee!'

Definitely throwing the calorie counting out of the window for the remainder of the evening, we feasted on a chocolate dessert pizza whilst watching a film, snuggled up with the dog.

It was our last Valentine's Day as a family of two, because next year, we will have a little 11 month old to contend with and I should imagine we will be putting the baby to bed before even considering eating dinner and changing nappies in the middle of the film - what fun we have to come!

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