My Baby Shower

5 February 2017

When I got pregnant, I never really thought about having a baby shower. It did seem like a very 'American' thing to do, and people had already been so generous to Dan and I with baby paraphernalia over the last 8 months. However, I was soon being asked by family and friends if I would be having some form of party to celebrate the last few weeks of my pregnancy. After some thought, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have loads of my favourite people in one place at the same time for what would probably be the last time before Peanut makes an entrance to the world.

My Mum and I quickly got planning with the help of the girls above and we managed to put together a blue and pink soiree at my Mum's house full of cake, tea and prosecco (well, I couldn't be included in that part!). A family friend made the incredible Disney cake, we had about 20 helium balloons in total as organised by my best friend Rosie and my brother's girlfriend Jess, and I'd sorted some popcorn favours for the guests to take home. Because we don't know what we're having, everyone guessed whether they were part of Team Blue or Team Pink, and on a calendar signed their name on the date they thought Peanut will be born. People also wrote down their 'words of wisdom' for Dan and I, their predictions of the babies weight and time of birth, and wrote messages on nappies so that we can have a chuckle at 3am when we're up changing the baby. Messages included 'Hope this stays in the nappy!' and 'This one's for you Dan!' 

I was overwhelmed by everyone's love and generosity, and once Dan had arrived back from watching the football all day, we went home with a lot of presents and a LOT of balloons! We just can't wait to meet our little bubba now, and I feel like the richest person in the world to have had so many wonderful people to share the afternoon with.

Also, a little snippet of the nursery below! More to come on that soon!

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  1. Love it, what a great party, I love how bright and happy everything looks.
    Baby will be so loved with all these wonderful people in your lives xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

  2. I love the team pink or blue sign up sheets idea. We didn't find out what we were having either and I loved hearing which gender everyone guessed we were having.
    Also, fab idea about writing messages on the nappies! I am so stealing this idea for the next baby shower I help arrange!

  3. AWWW your baby shower looks like it was super lovely. LOVE those oreos and the popcorn! So exciting :)

    Sophie xx

  4. Yayyyy so glad you had the best time! You deserve it :) xo


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