A Walk at West Mersea

19 February 2017

I'm now officially 37 weeks pregnant, and this means that if I was to give birth from now, little Peanut's lungs would most likely be developed enough to work fully on their own without any assistance from breathing machines or neonatal units. It's quite a pivotal week for pregnant women, and I woke up yesterday almost disappointed that my waters hadn't broken! With under 3 weeks until my due date, I'm now doing all I can to get this baby prepared for delivery. One of the best ways to do this is to walk - simple as that! With that in mind, Dan and I decided to venture further out for our normal dog walk.

Mersea Island is a little coastal island around 9 miles south of Colchester in Essex, and only a 40 minute drive away from us. It's historically known for its oysters (try the West Mersea Oyster Bar..it's incredible!) and Mersea oysters are transported all around the world to lots of famous faces because they are that good.

However, no oysters for us today. Just a nice walk along the beach to keep my legs going and keep baby facing head down. Max loves a beach walk, but is a little scared of the sea. I've never been sure why but I think it's actually the sound of the waves that bothers him. However, he did well on this occasion and very nearly went in for a paddle. Dan did threaten to throw him in, but Max was quick to realise his game and ran away rather quickly!

We walked the length of the beach to a pub called The Victory at Mersea where we shared some chips and onion rings in the sun. It's hard to believe that we sat outside in a beer garden in mid-February, but the weather was gorgeous and it was the perfect pit stop for all three of us.

There's only one road onto Mersea Island, and at high tide, this can get flooded, so we walked back swiftly to save being cut off from the rest of Essex. We went home with tired legs and paws, and snuggled up on the sofa to watch a film in a sleepy state.

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