Glamping in Cardigan Bay, Wales

18 January 2017

Today's post is a massive throwback to May 2016 and features a little trip to Cardigan Bay in Wales. I never got round to posting the photos, but I located the SD card with these photos on last week, and they brought back all sorts of memories, so thought I'd share them with you.

Dan and I had wanted to visit more places around the UK and had already decided to try and find somewhere a little different from your usual hotel. In my search, I found this gem of a location just outside Cardigan Bay. The location was a private farm in a super rural location, and we'd be staying in some camping pods overlooking the Welsh countryside. Camping pods are great because they take the hassle out of traditional camping. A solid roof to defend you from rain, a plug socket for your amenities and a lamp to light the pod itself. Of course, you still need the usual blow-up bed, cooking utensils and camping stove, but the beauty is not having to pitch a tent the minute you arrive - it's the perfect way to switch up old school camping to more a more flexible scenario. Glamping in a different way shall we say.

Our camping pod was just delightful - right next to a field full of friendly cows and sheep (who were always eyeing up our food!) and we could see for miles over the valleys. The minute we arrived, we set up camp and it took about 3 minutes before Dan was lighting the firepit like a crazed pyromaniac. We'd bought jumbo marshmallows with us so got toasting.

Cardigan is on the west side of the Welsh coast, with outstanding beaches and incredible wildlife. We'd never been before so were keen to get up early and experience all it had to offer. The views are definitely worth the visit alone! Every windy road had something to see, and the sun glistened through the canopy of the trees as we drove to the beach. The sea at Cardigan Bay was something else - the blue and green hues made it feel like we were in the Mediterranean somewhere. Just goes to show that we have diamonds of towns to visit closer to home than we think!

One thing we both wanted to do was a boat trip to try and spot dolphins in the wild. Dolphins are one of my favourite animals, and I've been fortunate enough to swim with them in the past and see them in the wild before. I'm a massive believer that animals shouldn't be contained and that the wild should be the only place for them, and I really hoped that we'd see some dolphins or seals prancing around in the waves. Before we knew it, we saw some fins diving next to the boat, and sure enough, some dolphins said hello. It was such an amazing experience seeing them so happy and relaxed in their natural habitat!

We were incredibly lucky and had amazing weather for the whole of our trip, and spent a lot of time sunbathing by our pod just listening to music and reading magazines. We cooked typical camping food, like burgers and hot dogs, and made up big jugs of Pimms to see us through the afternoon - it was the perfect way to chill out. 

If you want to see a sunset, then this spot of Wales is just incredible. On our final evening at the pod, we took a blanket, some cider and our music up to a little spot on the hill and watched the sun fall beyond the horizon. On the contrary to typical Welsh stories, we saw not a drop of rain on our trip, and at times it was hard to believe that we were in the UK at all.

It was one of those weekends that we will always look back with pure fondness. If there was ever three days that we just relaxed, explored and chilled, it was this one, and surrounded by such incredible views and nature made it all the more wonderful.

We'd go back to Cardigan in a heartbeat.

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  1. aw wow, looks so gorgeous Those photos of the dolphins, how amazing.
    We've not been camping in so long, but I do love it. the pods are perfect too xx
    Love From, Steph & The Spaniels

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