Baby Bumpdate - 31 weeks pregnant

13 January 2017

It's been a couple of weeks since my last bumpdate, but I'm now in between 31 and 32 weeks pregnant. I think I officially look pregnant, although lots of people still think that I'm smaller than average for this far along. Peanut is doing well - I had a checkup with my midwife this week and baby is measuring 30cm which is bang on target. My health is good too - midwife says my bloods are perfect, so I don't need any more blood tests for the duration of this pregnancy, and my blood pressure is behaving normally. It's really reassuring to hear that everything is going ok, as sometimes you do feel like you're very much just waiting for a sign of 'ok' from a medical professional. I'm feeling so positive for the remaining 8 weeks!

How far along? 31 weeks - we're officially into single digits of weeks remaining until my due date. It's crazy how quickly this pregnancy seems to have flown!

How big is baby? Apparently, baby is now the size of large coconut!

Gender: Unknown - I constantly look forward to us finding out on the day that baby is born!

Bump: There's no mistaking it - I definitely look pregnant now! Baby is growing rapidly now so it's understandable that my bump is getting bigger by the day at the moment. I still have a rather high bump and it's making some of my clothes look hilariously tent-like,

Movement: Baby moves pretty much constantly now, which is proving interesting when I'm at work! It doesn't matter if I'm asleep, sitting on the sofa, walking, eating, drinking...I can feel baby move. Baby definitely reacts to mine and Dan's voices, and also when I sing - such an incredible thing to think that baby recognises our voices already, and even Max's bark!

Weight gain: Not a clue! The midwife weighs me every time I see her, but I don't look at it as I've always had a bad relationship with the scales. All I know is that I'm still able to wear pretty much all of my normal clothes and haven't gone up sizes.

Maternity clothes: I've only bought 4 items of maternity clothes so far (jeans), as I don't want to spend too much on them if I can help it. H&M basics have been a lifesaver for comfort.

Sleep: I think my body is conditioning me for feeding in the night because sleep is non-existent now. I'm tired during the day, try to get an early night's sleep, and then wake up around 4-5 times, usually finishing with lying awake from 4am. It's not ideal but I know I better get used to it!

Best moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat - nothing can ever beat that sound!

Worst moment this week: Having a full on cold which has made it hard to sleep and relax. You can't really take any medication when pregnant, so I'm having to let the cold run its course - not great!

Cravings: Cereal, particularly Coco Pops. I've been having a big bowl of them for breakfast and it's definitely helping to keep the craving at bay!

Belly button: Very much still an innie!

Engagement ring on/off: I'm really pleased as it's still on. I haven't had any trouble with swollen hands or feet...yet!

Mood: Other than my cold, I'm generally feeling so so excited for the next few weeks. I've definitely had a positive mood which is a helpful thing!

Missing anything: Sleeping on my tummy! I'm looking forward to when I can lie flat out on my front without a bump in the way.

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