Baby Bumpdate - 33 weeks pregnant

27 January 2017

Doing these bumpdates makes the weeks go so, so quickly! I can't believe that there's only a little over 6 weeks left until my due date - 42 days to be precise! To be honest, I'm really getting more and more tired as the weeks go on. I didn't realise how much pregnancy affects you until you struggle to put your shoes on, or need help getting in and out of the bath, but these are daily things that I have to adapt to at the moment. Fortunately, Dan is amazing and helps me when I ask, such as giving me a push when I need to get out of bed, and letting me lie in the comfiest position on the sofa. My bump is still slightly smaller than average, but we're putting this down to the fact that I'm only 5'1", so I'm not too worried. Plus, baby is actually measuring perfectly, so just goes to show that everyone truly does have a bump size that suits their body frame.

How far along? 33 weeks (although I am posting these updates at the end of the week so I'm actually pretty much 34 weeks now!)

How big is baby? Apparently, baby is now the size of a pineapple!

Gender: Unknown - I really cannot wait to meet our little one and find out whether we're Team Pink or Team Blue now!

Bump: No sign of dropping as of yet, and still exceptionally high up. It's actually causing me issues with driving now because I'm unable to get comfortable at all and feel like I'm driving with a huge obstacle in the way of the steering wheel (which essentially, I am!) Bump is very hard most of the time now too, and there's definitely more pressure on the left hand side than the right. I'm hoping baby is still lying head down too.

Movement: It never stops! We have a wriggler on us indeed. The midwife says to always be aware of your usual pattern of movement, but our baby's movement is more like a constant thing. Baby definitely takes after his or her Mummy too because they love music - it's like they have a mini rave in my tummy every time I play Spotify!

Weight gain: Not a clue! All I know is that I'm still able to wear pretty much all of my normal clothes and haven't gone up sizes.

Maternity clothes: I've only bought 3 pairs of jeans and 2 dresses so far in maternity clothes. I also finally invested in some maternity tights for work and my GOSH what a dream they are. The comfort is real. Definitely one of the best things I've spent my money on in regards to being pregnant.

Sleep: It's just getting more and more bleak as the weeks go on! I'm up around 3-4 times in the night to go to the loo, and then I'm usually awake from 4am. I really miss lying on my stomach too, and am generally quite bored of having to lie on my sides.

Best moment this week: Watching One Born Every Minute with Dan, and realising that in a short space of time, we're going to be those people that we watch on the programme soon. We both get quite emotional thinking about meeting our baby for the first time, and it just makes us so happy and excited to be on this wonderful journey together.

Worst moment this week: Lower back pain - so, so bad. Getting in and out of bed now is especially hard, and sometimes I get up in the night to go to the loo, and the lower back pain is excruciating. I've been using the gym ball to try and help with this.

Cravings: Still on the cereal hype and still going mad for Coco Pops! I swear this baby is going to be born craving vinegar and cereal because I've eaten that much of it.

Belly button: Very much still an innie!

Engagement ring on/off: I'm really pleased as it's still on. I haven't had any trouble with swollen hands or feet...yet!

Mood: Still feeling positive as ever! Despite having some crappy symptoms with this pregnancy, I've tried to lap up every second of it because I know it will be over so quickly.

Missing anything: Sleeping on my belly. I cannot WAIT to be able to do this again!

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