Baby Bumpdate - 32 weeks pregnant

20 January 2017

The countdown is just flying now! I can hardly believe that 32 weeks ago, this baby was hardly even the size of a speck of dust, and now I'm unmistakably pregnant and have fallen in love with somebody I haven't even met yet. Dan is actually getting pretty impatient now, and is desperate to meet our Peanut. I guess it must be hard for the father of the baby, not having the ability to feel he or she move constantly, and not experience some of the crazy symptoms a mother has to go through. All I know, is that we are so excited for our journey into parenthood in less than 8 weeks!

How far along? 32 weeks - The more I think about how far along I am, the more I realise how much I'm going to miss being pregnant. Ok, not necessarily the symptoms, but I will definitely miss the feeling of carrying our baby!

How big is baby? Apparently, baby is now the size of a large winter squash!

Gender: Unknown - I constantly look forward to us finding out on the day that baby is born!

Bump: Still ridiculously high up. It feels like baby is completely above my belly button which is just crazy! In fact, baby is sitting so high up, that my organs are unbelievably squashed. My stomach feels like it's in my chest and my lungs just don't have the capacity they did before. There are so many things that you don't realise will happen in pregnancy, and this is one of them! Any time over the next couple of weeks, baby could drop and engage. I just have to wait and see!

Movement: It feels like I have a boxer in training inside of me - seriously. This baby does not stop moving, ever. My ribs are actually bruised from the kicking, but I don't mind. I will never stop enjoying feeling baby dance around inside of me.

Weight gain: Not a clue! All I know is that I'm still able to wear pretty much all of my normal clothes and haven't gone up sizes.

Maternity clothes: I've only bought 3 pairs of jeans and 2 dresses so far in maternity clothes. I also finally invested in some maternity tights for work and my GOSH what a dream they are. The comfort is real. Definitely one of the best things I've spent my money on in regards to being pregnant.

Sleep: No change from the previous week really. I'm still sleeping less and less, and it doesn't help that I'm up around 4 times in the night to go to the loo. At the weekends, I'm trying to make up for lack of sleep with chilling out as much as I can. It definitely helps slightly.

Best moment this week: Purchasing a play mat for the baby. It's buying all the little bits and bobs that make everything seem so real. I'm so excited for baby to eventually use it!

Worst moment this week: Slipping over in the frost. I didn't hurt myself too much and fortunately my hands took most of the fall, but when something like that happens, you can't help but worry if the baby is ok. However, all seems to be ok so that's the main thing!

Cravings: Still cereal! I'm going through it like crazy at the moment but what baby craves, baby gets!

Belly button: Very much still an innie!

Engagement ring on/off: I'm really pleased as it's still on. I haven't had any trouble with swollen hands or feet...yet!

Mood: All good as per normal! One thing my midwife always writes down in my notes is that I always seem so positive, which is definitely a good thing. A positive mind makes for a positive baby.

Missing anything: Soft cheese. I would love some melted camembert with dippy french bread but alas, I will wait a couple of weeks longer!

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