2016 - My favourite year yet

6 January 2017

I know a large amount of people reading this would have already reeled back in horror at the title of this post. And I bet many thoughts of Brexit, Trump, multiple celebrity deaths and Great British Bake Off-gate have popped into your head. Everyone is talking about how 2016 was one of the worst years in existence. 2016 - a good year? You must be mental, Tamsin.

However, I beg to differ - 2016 for me was indeed my favourite year yet. And let me tell you for why.

001. I travelled to lots of new places. Now I'm very fortunate in that I travel a lot and have visited some amazing places around the world, but I wanted 2016 to be a year of exploring new places both in and outside of the UK. A week into January 2016, I flew to Salzburg with my mum to live out my dream of doing The Sound of Music tour. March and April consisted of a road trip all through Belgium, France and Luxembourg (I urge everyone to visit Luxembourg. We went there on a total yolo moment and it's such a beautiful, underrated little country!). May included a glamping trip in the beautiful Cardigan Bay in Wales where I got to see dolphins swimming in the wild. Highlights of June and July were visiting 4 different Greek islands and tanning my body like mental whilst roadtripping all over the islands. Finally, November was a visit back to a different area of Belgium for a taste of the Christmas Markets. Travel has not disappointed at all.

002. I had some awesome singing opportunities, including singing at a concert for The Queen's 90th Birthday Celebrations whilst a plane fly past happened overhead. It was an honour to be asked to sing.

003. I moved back to Essex. Having lived away from my home county for 8 years, it was truly wonderful to return. I've spent years moving around the country, have worked in some awesome places, lived with some amazing people, and now I'm back in my comfort zone. It's amazing how we always find our way home - and I am loving it.

004. A week into 2016, I met the man of my dreams at a West Ham football game. They say love finds you when you least expect it and boy is that the truth! Dan weirdly grew up 7 minutes away from my family home and we've been like sliding doors our whole life. He's kind, cares about me in every way possible, would move mountains to make sure I'm happy, generous, talented and totally gorgeous. Not to mention the fact that we laugh like hyenas at pretty much everything. Feel free to grab the sick bucket because I really don't care. I can honestly say that 2016 was the year I discovered that true love does and can exist.

005. I found out that I was pregnant with our little Peanut. The most lifechanging thing I have ever experienced is peeing on that little stick and seeing two blue lines. 2016 is just the start of our journey with pregnancy and parenthood, and we're so excited to meet our little bubba in 2017.

006. We decorated our house top to bottom (well, I say we - it was mainly my Dad and Dan, but I helped wash up the brushes) ;) I've never felt so at home before and I look forward to finishing work every day and chilling on the sofa with Dan in our beautiful abode. It's so true that making sure you're comfortable in your environment sets you up with a positive mood.

007. I got engaged! I'm now a bride-to-be as well as a mummy-to-be and I have a wealth of planning to do. At the moment, our wedding is looking likely to be in 2018, so this gives us a little bit of time to get organised, especially after giving birth. We have so much to look forward to!

008. I watched some of my favourite people start new amazing jobs or get promotions, and nothing makes me prouder than seeing my loved ones do well. Even at times when things looked a little dreary, I watched my family and friends soldier on and progress to bigger and better things. It's incredibly inspiring to watch people grow for the better.

009. I got to see Adele in concert and cried with joy the whole way through it. Pretty self explanatory how amazing this experience was.

010. After 8 years, my Dad's brain tumour was signed off as being stable. This means he doesn't have to see his consultant as frequently and that the tumour hasn't grown. My Dad won't ever be well or healthy again, but this was fantastic news.

All in all, 2016 worked pretty nicely for me. Ok, I'm still reeling from George Michael leaving the world so suddenly on Christmas Day, but there's no way it can take away from just how good the year was for me.

So, 2017. What do you have in store for me? We're now a couple of days in and time can only tell, but I know it will involve travelling to new places, less sleep, more nappies, wedding planning and pushing a tiny human out of me.

Bring it on!

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