My Engagement Story

12 December 2016

I'm still very much on cloud 9, so I thought I'd write about this special day whilst all the details were fresh in my mind. Thank you to everyone who has congratulated us on social media too!

Two weekends ago, Dan and I headed off to Belgium for our babymoon which we'd planned two months before. I was really excited to visit Brussels as I'd never been there before, and we were also going to stop off at Bruges on the way back, which is one of our favourite places. We set off at 3am for the Channel Tunnel and we were exceptionally excited for what is probably our last weekend abroad before baby arrives.

We arrived in Brussels just before 9am and checked in. I had booked the hotel as I'm the resident travel agent of the two of us. I was really pleased with the choice and they put us in a wondeful room away from any loud areas of the hotel, as they were aware that I was pregnant. Dan and I enjoyed a full day of wandering around Brussels and exploring the Christmas market. We didn't walk as fast or as far as we normally would due to me being pregnant, but sightseeing is one of my favourite things to do and I was in my element.

Around 5pm, we head back to the hotel so that we could both have a nap after our early starts before heading out to dinner in the evening. Before we left for Belgium, Dan had told me that one of his wealthy business clients was also in Brussels that evening and was staying in our hotel (this was true), and he'd like to meet us for a drink before we went for dinner. Of course, this was absolutely fine by me, so I just got ready to meet up with this client. About 6:30pm, Dan said he was popping downstairs briefly and I assumed it was to meet up with his client. I wasn't finished doing my make-up anyway, so I just carried on with what I was doing. About 10 minutes later, he came back and said that we would be meeting his client in his room which was a suite on the top floor - very nice indeed!

We headed up to the top floor where the suites were, and walked towards a room called the Royal Suite. I didn't think anything of it until Dan pulled out a keycard to get into the door. At this point, I kept thinking, 'Why does he have a key to his clients room?!' As the door opened, there were petals laid out on the floor and a bucket of champagne (and apple juice for me!) with two glasses, and flowers on the table. The suite was absolutely ginormous and I didn't know where to look first.

I remember that I kept saying 'What's all this for?!' and Dan replied that he wanted to do something special for us as it's our last trip abroad just the two of us. He suggested that we went outside onto the giant private terrace which overlooked the Christmas market & Grand Place, where the light show was happening on the buildings. I thought this was so sweet, and even then didn't expect anything further. I hadn't even thought about where his client friend was either!

We were looking over the Brussels skyline and all the Christmas lights everywhere when Dan turned me around and he then began to bend down onto one knee and produced the most beautiful diamond ring. I immediately burst into tears and just kept saying 'No way! No way! Oh my god no way!' He then asked me the words I'd always wished to hear from him one day: 'Will you marry me?'

In between my mixture of tears and laughing and exclamations, I answered 'Yes, of course.' It was a moment I will never forget.

We had a kiss and cuddle on the terrace and then it suddenly hit me that we were engaged. I was engaged to the man of my dreams. And he had TRICKED ME! So badly! And I was so gullible and had no idea! It was hilarious and we immediately decided to FaceTime our families. We rung my mum and dad, and unbeknown to me, they knew that Dan had planned to propose to me - Dan had asked my dad for permission and he'd also spoken to my mum about the ring. Cheeky devil! Dan's family also knew his plans and his sister had even been with him to pick up the ring on a night when I thought they were Christmas shopping. Gullible or what?

After ringing everyone, I had a tiny sip of the contraband champagne, and then we went out into the Christmas markets to celebrate. We watched the light show, kissed by the Christmas tree and shared some hot mulled apple. It was perfect.

I had known that Dan was 'the one' in the minute that I met him. I didn't think that sort of feeling existed, but with us, the feeling was mutual. Marriage was something we knew would happen one day, as was us getting pregnant, but until it finally happens, I don't think you quite believe it. Having the ring on my finger feels more right than anything (not to mention that it is absolutely stunning!) and knowing that when we get married, our little baby will be there too is something incredibly amazing.

Dan, I know you're reading this, so... you are a wiley coyote for organising everything so quietly behind my back, and you did so well keeping it a surprise! The detail you went to was incredible and it will be a moment that I will never, ever forget. I cannot wait to be your wife. You're my best friend, soulmate and I am more than lucky. I love you.

After our baby is born, I look forward to taking you on my wedding planning journey - what an exciting 2017 I have to come!

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Baby Bumpdate - 27 weeks pregnant

7 December 2016

I'vejust got back from the midwife and our little Peanut is very happy and healthy! Listening to the heartbeat is something I look forward to every time, and it's such a reassuring sound. I'm actually feeling pretty crap about my body image at the moment but I'm trying to work on it. I'm only 5ft and have always have bigger, more musclier legs from where I grew up doing so much sport, but right now it feels like I'm a short stumpy gnome! I keep having to remind myself that I'm pregnant and need to embrace the body changes and love my body - it is carrying a child after all! Other than that, I am happy as a clam!

How far along? 27 weeks. This means I'm now in the last week of my second trimester and will be heading into my third and final trimester of this pregnancy. I can't believe how quickly time is flying!

How big is baby? Apparently, baby is now the size of a cauliflower and the midwife measured 27cm this morning! - it's a weird feeling thinking that you have something the size of a cauliflower inside of you. Bizarre!

Gender: Unknown - I constantly look forward to us finding out on the day that baby is born!

Bump: It doesn't seem masses bigger than last week in my opinion. I seem to be a slower developer but I don't mind at all now. My bump is relative to my size and I'm happy with it. I'm still carrying very high and it's giving me a more rounded bump all over my tummy. I wore a black maternity dress for the first time last weekend and did feel exceptionally pregnant though!

Movement: Baby is definitely a mover and a groover! Most mornings, baby will wake me up, and it will be kick kick kicking when I'm trying to work at my desk, which I love! Sometimes, if I lie in bed with my bump pressed on Dan's back, he can feel baby kick through to him - such a funny feeling!

Weight gain: Not a clue! The midwife weighs me every time I see her, but I don't look at it as I've always had a bad relationship with the scales. All I know is that I'm still able to wear pretty much all of my normal clothes and haven't gone up sizes.

Maternity clothes: I haven't spent much on maternity clothes at all, as I wanted to try and stay in normal clothes for as long as possible. Other than the 2 pairs of jeans and my black dress, I'm still loving H&M basics and am wearing stretchy skirts, tights and jumpers for work which keep me comfortable.

Sleep: Fortunately, sleep has been ok this week again. I will get up once or twice in the night to nip to the loo, but I tend to fall back to sleep straight away thank goodness. Baby does its best to keep me awake though with its kicking!

Best moment this week: Dan and I had such a lovely chilled day on Sunday, blitzing some of our Christmas shopping, picking up our Christmas tree and cooking the most lovely roast dinner. I felt really relaxed and it definitely set me up for the week in a great way.

Worst moment this week: Being on my own on a Friday night, when it seemed like the rest of the world was out having Christmas drinks or at parties. It was the first time during this pregnancy that I felt lonely, but I tried to alleviate this feeling by catching up with my recorded programmes on TV and eating risotto. Yum!

Cravings: KFC. Having spent 5 months not eating chicken, I very quickly got my love for chicken back again, and I just needed some KFC in my life. It was an enjoyable experience.

Belly button: Very much still an innie!

Engagement ring on/off: I'm really pleased as it's still on. I haven't had any trouble with swollen hands or feet...yet!

Mood: Excited! I truly can't believe I'm nearly in the last 3 months of pregnancy. It seems like such a long time, but so short as well, and I really can't wait to meet our little one now. 

Missing anything: Alcohol - I haven't missed it at all during the pregnancy, but all the Christmas parties are making me a tad jealous!

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