Five essential tips for blonde hair

17 October 2016

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long while, as I often get asked about the colour of my locks and what I use for hair care.
Many people are surprised to know that I was born a brunette. I don’t have many features that giveaway I’m not a natural blonde like some people might, and I’ve managed to get away with fooling people  of my hair colour for many, many years now. I’ve dabbled with a variety of shades of blonde over the years: honey, ash, platinum and silver, and one common denominator with all of them is that you have to massively nurture your hair to maximise the potential of the colouring.
With any dyed hair, it’s easy to make mistakes – believe me, I know and I’ve been there. I’ve put together five of my top tips for looking after blonde hair.

Tip One: Invest in blonde-friendly hair products
If you dye your hair blonde, you really cannot expect to treat your hair the same as the natural colour. It just doesn’t work like that unfortunately. Over time, you’ll find that cheaper shampoos and conditioners just won’t cut it, and will leave your hair dry and brittle. I use a mixture of products to keep my hair tip top. I cannot recommend toners enough to get rid of brassiness. I use products including purple toners & shampoos such as Bleach London & Pro:Voke Touch of Silver, blonde shampoos such as John Frieda 'Go Blonder'. I also like Aussie hair masks for a bit of a conditioning treatment. I'll also use a serum once a week to nurture the ends, and have been using John Frieda Frizz Ease as of late.

Tip Two: Avoid damage at all costs
When putting bleach onto your hair, you’re already forcing each hair strand under a lot of strain, making it more liable to breakages and dryness as standard. When thinking about damage, I’m talking self-inflicted damage. This includes heat damage, excessive styling damage and using the wrong brush for your hair type. I try not to dry my hair with a hairdryer for the majority of the time (unless I’m really under pressure for time) as this automatically gives your hair a bit of a break. I also keep the straightening or curling to a minimum these days, as thinking back to the daily regime I put my hair through as a teenager is almost too painful to remember. (Hands up if you religiously straightened or curled your hair before Sixth Form? Yep, me too!) It’s also worth considering the type of brush you use, as what may work for some hair types, may not work for another. I find Denman or Tangle Teezer brushes work well with eliminating breakages.

Tip Three: Use heat protectant in the sun
This is a super tip for when you’re on holiday and want to catch some rays. Rub some leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair or spray on some heat protectant to give your hair a bit of a mask whilst tanning. The conditioner/heat spray will create a bit of a barrier and massively help to keep your hair hydrated and happy during the hot temperatures.

Tip Four: Ketchup does eliminate green hues
Yes, it’s true. Ketchup really does get rid of the green tinge you might get after a holiday away swimming in the pool every day! Massage some ketchup into your hair, put a clear shower cap on and leave it for 30 minutes. I can’t promise you it will feel or smell nice, but it really will remove the green tone from your blonde hair. Many think it’s the chlorine that turns blonde hair green, but it’s actually a mixture of the metals in pools like copper and magnesium oxidising with chlorine. It’s been a plague for blonde haired gals for years but the ketchup theory really does work – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Tip Five: Limit your hair washes
I used to be absolutely awful at this. I was a serial offender of washing my hair every single day. The only upside of doing that was that it always smelled amazing. In essence, I was just rinsing my hair of its natural goodness and it was ending up dry and scraggly. After some serious hair wash detoxing, I have managed to wain myself down to 3-4 washes a week. I know some girls wash their hair less than this, but for me, this is good – trust me. My hair is a lot softer and the natural oils keep my scalp feeling looked after. I’d also recommend a trusty dry shampoo for in between wash days. With blonde hair, it’s amazing what you can get away with when you brush a little bit of dry shampoo through the roots.

Personally, I believe that your hair is only as good as you treat it. Give it some respect, and it will definitely treat you well back.

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