An Overdue Update

26 September 2016

It feels like such a long time since I’ve sat down and written a blog post, and that’s because it has been. 9 months to be precise. But now feels like the right time to start writing again, and I’m really excited about it.

It’s incredible how life can fluctuate, moving in and out like the ever-changing tide. Flick back to Christmas 2015 and I was living in Bournemouth, happily single and just taking life a day at a time. Having gone through a period of ‘not so good’ within my well-being, I was just focused on the things that were important to me and finding my inner happiness. I had no interest in being in a relationship.

They always say that the right person comes along when you least expect it, and just when I wasn’t expecting it, I met someone. He’s wonderful, and I have a whole blog post coming in the next few weeks about how we met and just how crazy that meeting was (keep an eye out for that one…it’s like something from a film…seriously!). Dan is like the yin to my yang, and he can make me laugh like no-one ever has done before, not to mention treats me like an absolute princess.

Not only am I now in the best relationship I’ve ever been in, but I’m now back living in Essex. I’ve lived away for 8 years, but after time away at university, letting my career take me to different places in the country, meeting new friends and saying goodbye to old ones, I soon found my way back to my home county. Dan is indeed from Essex too so it made sense to move back, rationalising that we both want to be near our families in the long term.

We’ve just moved into our new abode in Chelmsford, about 15 minutes from where I grew up in Brentwood, and we’ve been busy decorating, painting, ripping up carpet…the lot. It’s the first place I will have lived in since I was 18 that isn’t a rented accommodation, and I can finally decorate things the way that I want! No more horrible walls in weird colours, and ugly flooring. Dan and I have really thought about the colour schemes in each room and we’re really happy. Once everything is sorted, I plan to do a little house tour, so keep an eye out for that one too!

It wouldn’t be an overdue update without mention of little Max now, would it? Max is, of course, absolutely wonderful as per usual. He's been his cheeky self as usual, and I'm hoping he's going to love the new house as much as we do.

Having the time off from blogging has been good for me. I've travelled, worked hard and given myself time to breathe and evaluate the writing that I really enjoy. I have lots of exciting things planned on this blog for the future, and I really do hope you come along for the ride.

PS - look out for my next blog post for some very, very exciting news!

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