Friday Questions

18 December 2015

How old are you in 5 years? 30 years. And I'm sure life will be very different from how it is now!
Who were you most recently with 2 hours ago? My colleague, Charlie. We get on like a house on fire and spend our days laughing at anything and everything.
How tall are you? 5'1. And yes the view is lovely down here.
What movie did you watch last? The Holiday. Always need a little bit of Christmas cheer!
Who called you last? My mother. We were discussing when I'm arriving back at her house for Christmas and our plans for Christmas Eve..I'm so excited!

Who did you ring last? My aunty. I wanted to let her know that I'm going to bring her round some homemade Nutella truffles, cos I'm a nice niece like that!
What was the last text you received? 'Hope you have a wonderful day gorgeous.' Who it's from, I won't disclose ;)
Prefer to call or send texts? I don't really mind. I love to have a good chat on the phone, but depending on where I am determines whether it's a text conversation or a phone conversation. Texts don't convey how you feel as well as phone conversations.
What is your favorite place? Wherever my favourite people are. As long as I'm with the people I love, then it's a good place.
Which place do you prefer the least? A&E. I don't think anyone enjoys sitting in A&E for hours on end.
When did you see your mother recently? 6th December. I was at my parents for the weekend and it was a wonderful occasion. I didn't want to leave!
What eye color do you have? Green.
What is your favorite Christmas song? I'm not sure I could choose..I love so many Christmas songs! Especially the traditional songs and carols.
When you did you wake up today? 0630. 
Where do you think you'll be in 10 years? I've really no idea. I've tried to stop thinking about the future as it honestly just stresses me out. I'm the sort of girl who wants to settle down and have a family relatively young, and after a couple of heartbreaks, I'm just taking it a day at a time now rather than giving myself deadlines and life goals.
What scared you at night as a child? The idea of a house fire. It was all those scary 'check your fire alarm' adverts that did it!
What is your favorite outfit? If I could wear gym clothes every day, I would. But there's nothing like a little dress, tights and wedge boots. It's hard to pick a favourite outfit as it does depend on your mood!
Are your parents married or divorced? Married for nearly 27 years now!
What is your best feature? I'm always happy and positive. So many people comment on it and i'm glad they do. Happiness is catching and a smile can change someones day.

What is your worst trait? I can be a little stubborn.
How many pillows have you in your bed? Four. I love lots of pillows and I've had eight in the past! Hotel bed wannabe!
What is the strangest thing you've eaten? I've eaten a mealworm but that was as part of a tequila drink in Mexico.
Do you have a desktop or laptop computer? I have both, but daily I use a laptop.
What are you listening to right now? BBC Radio 1.
Which ice cream is your favorite? Coldstone Creamery. There's nothing like it.
Can you play poker? Yes. And I have a good poker face. I'm actually a really good gambler, which is why I don't let myself gamble that often. It could be dangerous otherwise!
What have you eaten today? An Activia yoghurt. I'm currently waning dairy out of my diet, but I rushed out of the house this morning without eating my usual breakfast of eggs, so grabbed a yoghurt from Waitrose. 
What will you do today? Work work work. Gym, and then relax in the evening.
Do you want children? More than anything. I have always been maternal and crave children so badly. Hopefully, once I'm with the right guy, children will be around very quickly.
Know any other languages ​​than English? I can speak German, conversational Spanish and French, and a little bit of Norwegian and Finnish which I'm currently learning.

What do you spend your money on? Travel, experiences, normal life expenses such as bills and food, and surprises for those that I love.
What is your favorite dessert? I'm a dessert person so this is hard to choose! I'll never turn down proper New York Cheesecake though.
Do you drink anything with breakfast? Water, green tea and sometimes fresh orange juice.
Are you social? Incredibly social. I fully believe that being with people enhances your day to day life massively. You have so much to learn from other people, and it's from other people that you learn things about yourself. We only live once and I personally think we should spend it with the people we love, meet as many people as we can and embrace community.
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