Christmas Q&A

4 December 2015

What do you usually do on Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve is maybe my favourite day in the whole year. I'm usually at my parents house, and I wake up early to walk the dogs, and then get ready to run the final errands before the big day. I'll help my Mum with the chopping and preparation of food and vegetables, and then most years, we've popped to the shops for an egg nog latte and a last browse of the makeup counters (in case there's a festive lipstick that we just have to purchase). Once all the preparation is complete, we'll watch a Christmas film, and then head down to our local pub for festive cheer and to wish everyone health and happiness. Around 10pm, I make my way to church for rehearsals, and then sing midnight mass. I get home around 1am, have a cup of tea, and head to bed..ready for the whirlwind of Christmas Day to begin in a couple of hours!

What's your favourite Christmas treat?
I like pretty much everything when it comes to Christmas treats! I don't eat things like cookies so we don't have Christmas cookies in the house, but I love all the savoury treats like cheese and biscuits and antipasti. I always look forward to filling my body with mulled wine too, as that's just Christmas personified for me.

Do you prefer to give or receive gifts?
As much as we all like to receive presents from our loved ones, there is nothing quite like giving a gift that you know is going to light up someones face. I've always been the type of person to give presents that are meaningful, and will have some reference to a memory or a holiday or something special, and I just love knowing that people recognise the fact that you've gone to the effort.

Real or artificial Christmas tree?
Nothing beats a real Christmas tree does it? The smell of it is just so good!

What is a typical Christmas Day like for you?
Even though I've had a late night from singing midnight mass, I'm always up early because there's so much to do before the family arrive! My family and I have a glass of champagne whilst opening our presents to each other, and then get ready for the day. We like to dress up on Christmas Day, so it's usually nice dresses for ladies and shirts for men. My dad usually takes the dogs out whilst I help mum with any final preparations. When the family arrive, it's more champagne and we open half of the presents. Christmas Lunch is served, we eat until we're stuffed, and then open the final half of the presents. Then comes the games and fun, which usually involves my grandfather not understanding the games we're playing, and of course..more champagne. Then we all settle down to watch the Christmas specials on TV before putting on fresh pyjamas and snuggling down. It's always such a nice day.

Favourite activities in December?
There are so many! Ice skating (usually at Canary Wharf), singing midnight mass is always special to me, trips to Starbucks with my mum to drink egg nog lattes, buying and wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and seeing some of my favourite family and friends. There's so much to love about December!

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