7 things to do in December

9 December 2015

001. Go for festive Christmas drinks with friends. There are pop up bars everywhere this time of year, and there's nothing quite like squishing up on a table and keeping warm with a cup (or boot) full of Gl├╝hwein.

002. Don the ice skates and hit the ice. We do this every year, be it at Canary Wharf or Somerset House. This is festivity personified and it's a perfect way to bring a smile to anyone's face. (especially when people take a tumble!)

003. Decorate a gingerbread house. You can find decorating packs everywhere nowadays, and there's something very therapeutic about decorating the house how you'd like, and then seeing it finished in all its glory. And then devouring it afterwards. That tastes good.

004. Wrap up warm and go for a Wintry hike. Fill flasks with mulled wine or tea, throw on some waterproofs in case it rains (you never know..this is the UK after all), put on your best bobble hat and go for a proper trek somewhere new. I love just putting my finger down on a map, driving there and seeing where it takes me. The dog will love it too. Plus, you can treat yourself with a hot chocolate after to warm you up. With extra marshmallows.

005. Listen to Christmas carols. If there's anything that makes me feel Christmassy, it's Christmas carols. You don't really get carolers come round to houses anymore, but there's nothing to stop you from going to a Christingle service (if only for the Dolly Mixture you get on top of the orange) or listening to a playlist on Spotify whilst cooking dinner one night. Try it. You might even like it!

006. Donate to charity. Now you can do this at any time of year, and believe me, I do. But Christmas is the time of year when giving is at a high. Why not give to those less fortunate than us? In the past, I've made a food hamper up and donated it to a shelter, or bought some toys and donated them to a children's home.

007. Spend a day watching Christmas films. Usually, I binge watch loads of films on a weekend, complete with warm mince pies and salted caramel cream. What's not to love?

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  1. I love all these ideas - festive drinks are my favourite :)

    Caz | thisiscaz


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