Training Log

26 October 2015

It feels like a while since I've put up a training log, but having a broken wrist for a month eliminated the majority of my training, apart from running and training for the marathon. 'A broken wrist doesn't stop you running' so my Dad says. But the cast is off and I'm back training now, and wow did I miss it! I've been monitoring how my wrist feels because naturally, it's going to be a little weaker. But so far, so good. Something that I really enjoyed was the visit back to my local Crossfit by my parents, Crossfit 13. I'm not often back at my parents for long enough to get to a session, but I made sure I was free and was there bright and early, ready to beast it. It felt nice to have my name back up on the board.

Monday 19th October
Off training

Tuesday 20th October
3 mile run

Wednesday 21st October
6 x 12 lat pulls @ 40kg
6 x 12 leg curl @ 65kg
6 x 12 leg press @ 110kg
6 x 10 deadlift @ 70kg
6 x 10 push press @ 40kg
6 x 10 front squats @ 50kg

Thursday 22nd October
Off training

Friday 23rd October
Off training

Saturday 24th October
3 mile run

Sunday 25th October
As many reps as possible in 2 mins:
burpee broad jumps
double unders
WOD x 4
15 x deadlifts @ 70kg
25 x pushups
120 double unders

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