P1 Superstock Bournemouth

3 October 2015

One of the things that I love about blogging, is that I have had the opportunity to try a number of products and experiences that I may not have even thought about before.

This post is one of those opportunities.

I knew about P1 Superstock, but had never really followed it. Mega streamlined boats going super, super fast? It's right up my street. Like F1 on water. Hell yes! The P1 Superstock championships move around the country to different waters, and it arrived in Bournemouth for the season finale. Donned with a variety of different sponsors and logos, the boats are sleek, brightly coloured and incredibly impressive. Lycamobile invited me down to Poole Harbour to check out the boats before the races over the weekend, and try out one of the boats for myself.

Typically, on the day that I was there, the weather was particularly windy, resulting in the sea being rather choppy. One thing to note about these boats is that they are built for speed. They are designed to travel fast..I mean really fast, and the better the weather means the better the ride. However, the team were positive that I'd be able to get out on one of the boats.

We watched one of the boats be launched into the water from one of the biggest cranes I've ever seen, and checked out all the different boats that would be racing. I did my part for the Welsh tourist board of course!

Finally, our time to try out the boat was here. I was actually quite nervous as I know how fast 70mph is in a car, let alone on water. Helmets and buoyancy aid on, we got into a very wet boat. Signs of what was to come? I think so. The drivers were amazing and warned us that they weren't sure how fast we could go because the weather was getting progressively worse, but I didn't mind. It was just great to get an idea of the boats and how they are when you're in them.

We steered out of the harbour and starting picking up speed past Brownsea Island and Swanage Ferry. To say that it was choppy is an understatement. I was flying all over the place, laughing as I went, and the drivers were saying that visibility was insanely bad. We weren't out for long, and soon turned around as they said it was just too dangerous to continue. I didn't mind. I was already soaked and had spent a lot of time flying around in the air.

Fortunately, the weekend weather turned out to be a lot better and the races were a success. If you like fast speed events, then definitely check out P1 Superstock when it returns in 2016. It definitely fulfils my James Bond style needs!

See below for a vlog of the afternoon!

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