Family Weekend

14 October 2015

I hadn't been back to my family home since May, which is probably my longest stint ever of not being able to visit where I grew up. Seeing as the trip was so overdue, I hopped in the car with little Max next to me and made the journey home.

One of my reasons for heading back to my parents was to meet our new family puppy, Carlos. In July, our darling Buzz had to be put to sleep after a year of suffering with heart failure, and after a few months of grieving, we were all ready to bring home a new Jack Russell to become a member of our family. Last Thursday, my parents drove up to Derby to pick up little pickle, and he was thus named Carlos. Already he's been terrorising the cat and Max certainly had his work cut out - I'm not sure he expected to have a puppy hanging off his ear all weekend!

On the Saturday morning, I went with my mum to help feed our chickens and ducks, and collect the eggs. My parents love keeping chickens and ducks, and they primarily re-home chickens that have lived their lives as battery hens, stood in a coop with no room to move and made to produce eggs at a ridiculous rate. When the chickens arrive, they have no feathers due to the way that they were previously treated, but these grow back with a lot of love and a good diet. It's nice to think that the family hens or 'the girls' as they're known have been given a second chance and are now happy and clucking hens.

Max is more than happy to come into the area where we keep the chickens. He's not bothered by them at all, and he just sniffs around whilst we feed them and checks that all is ok, much like a little Jack Russell security guard. I'm sure that if he realised that chickens are actually one of his favourite things to eat, he would be chasing after them rather quickly, but fortunately that isn't the case.

After sorting the chickens and ducks, my mum and I had a wonderful shopping trip and enjoyed an evening at the pub with old friends, which finished with us going to bed at around 2am after a few too many glasses of wine.

It was a gorgeous weekend and I was so happy to see my parents, brother and the multitude of animals in our family. I mean, who can say no to this little one?

Welcome to the family Carlos!

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