Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold

7 October 2015

Lets face it. Toothpaste isn't massively exciting.

It's an essential and one of those things that you usually pick up cheap when it's on offer for the majority of people. However, I've been trying to find different ways to keep my smile fresh and white without having to fork out the expense for teeth whitening. I first came across Beverly Hills Formula about five years ago. It was actually the brand name that pulled me in - there was something exciting about it being linked to the land of glamour. I tried out their original whitening toothpaste and loved it, but found it very difficult to find in the shops. However, I'm glad to see that you can now seem to find Beverly Hills Formula in most good drugstores.

I've recently been putting to the test their new White Gold toothpaste. A gold toothpaste - what could be more Beverly Hills? Gold apparently has elements that helps to bring down inflammatory problems around the gums, whilst helping to remove stains, improving blood flow and brighten your pearly whites. The toothpaste itself has gold glittered specks in it, which suits this glitter loving missus! Taste wise, mint is mint isn't it? As long as I leave the house in the morning feeling fresh then my toothpaste is doing its job.

But does it whiten my teeth? I honestly believe that Beverly Hills toothpastes whiten better than any other toothpastes there are on the market. The price is a little bit more than your average toothpaste at £5.49, but you get what you pay for and if my teeth are looking more sparkly and white than normal, then all credit goes to this toothpaste.

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  1. I love their toothpastes, I used the charcoal black one for a bit which was a novelty but also worked so well! I deffo need to try the gold one :)

    Sophie x


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