Barkbeats Dog Box

18 October 2015

It's been a while since I've done a subscription box. 2011, they were all the rage but in my opinion, the popularity has dwindled a bit. Is it down to value for money? Are you getting to try things of actual interest? I think it's a mixture of both. 

However, when Barkbeats asked if Max was interested in trying out their pet subscription box, I was suddenly all ears. A subscription box for dogs? What a fantastic idea! 

When the box arrived in the post, Max and his housemate Cooper were very aware that there was something potentially for them in it. I spent the whole evening keeping them in suspense whilst cooking and eating dinner, and then the moment came. The unboxing. Max being a Jack Russell is incredibly alert. He responds to every word I say and I like to think that he understands every word too (we know this isn't true, but I like to believe it.) He was spinning around in excitement and jumping up and down, so he definitely knew this box was for him. It would have been unfair to leave Cooper out in this special treat, so I invited him to be involved too. Cooper is a French Bulldog, and they're notoriously stubborn and a tad lazy, yet this box had him more excited than I'd seen him in weeks. I hadn't even opened the box and they were full of beans, so the contents had to be good.
On first glance, the sturdy cardboard box and logo look great and once you open the box, BB themed tissue greets you. The dogs were getting even more excited at this point. 

So what was inside?

Humungastache - A durable chew toy in the shape of a moustache, so that when the dog chews the toy, it looks like they have a moustache - genius!

Kong Air Dog Ball - Not your average tennis ball, Kong toys are durable and do not damage your dogs teeth, whilst lasting a lot longer. Max went mad for this! I've bought him many Kong toys over the years and he just loves them.

Soopa Sweet Potato Treats - I try to give Max only natural treats, and at first he was a bit unsure of these treats, but Cooper happily gnawed into them. Unsurprisingly, not wanting to be left out, Max swiftly joined in with the eating. Definitely a great healthy option!

Barks and Sparks Croissants - Pastries for dogs..who knew! I saved these for Max and Coopers breakfasts and believe me, they didn't last long. What a treat.

Feelwells Training Treats - I was glad to see something like this in the box. I take training treats everywhere I go as they're great on dog walks and are usually low in calories. 

To sum up, I had two very happy and rather impressed pooches. My housemate was also impressed and has made the decision to purchase one as a Christmas present for her parents dog, and I think I will do the same for mine also. All Barkbeats boxes are sent m
onthly, and retail at £19.99. When you consider that some toys in Pets at Home are around £10, not to mention novelty treats like croissants, it's not bad value for money and is definitely a perfect way to spoil your dog.

Max and Cooper give it a massive paws up!

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  1. Great photos of the both of them. Love these boxes :) xx

  2. Hey its adam get in touch Tamsin i have losses your number. Oh it's adam the cyclist from Southbourne

  3. Hey its adam get in touch Tamsin i have losses your number. Oh it's adam the cyclist from Southbourne


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