An Afternoon in Winchester

4 October 2015

Winchester is only 40 minutes away from me, and I'm truly grateful for that. It's one of my favourite cities, and I am always sucked in by the history, architecture and atmosphere. Really, I should make an effort to go more often as I just love it. When deciding where to catch up with a dear friend of mine from university, we decided Winchester would be the perfect place with it being half way for both of us.

I met Maddie in the centre of the city and we headed straight for yummy pizza joint, The Stable. The mixture of stone-baked pizza and ciders are the perfect mixture for any catchup with friends. We both went for a goats cheese and vegetable soiree, and chatted for ages about our lives, work and relationships. It was just wonderful.

Maddie was my singing partner in crime at university. She studied Music with me, and in my ensemble module, she sung with me as my partner - something which I loved very much. She was also in my choir and shares my love for all things choral music. As soon as we'd finished eating, we hopped across the road to Winchester Cathedral to continue being the music geeks that we are and do the tower tour of the cathedral. Winchester Cathedral is one of the most beautiful and important cathedrals in the country. Once upon a time, Winchester was the capital of the UK, and so the cathedral played a massive part to peoples lives. I've sung here many times, but never had the opportunity to explore the tower, so I was really excited.

We trekked up the 200+ steps to the bell tower, and were lucky enough to hear the clock striking whilst we were up there. The cathedral roof is the old wood design from hundreds of years ago and you truly felt like you were standing on piles of dusts from decades previous. It's quite an extraordinary feeling. We then climbed even more stairs (which got smaller and smaller as we went) and finally got to the roof of the tower. The views were incredible and you could see for miles in every direction.

After me falling down a hole that we had been told to watch out for (cue Maddie laughing in hysterics), we made our way back down all of the stairs to the nave of the cathedral. A quick drink and cake stop was in order before settling down for Evensong. We happened to be there on quite an important day, so the music being sung by the choir was absolutely amazing. I feel very grateful to be a chorister and appreciate such wonderful church music.

The service finished, and Maddie and I had huge hugs and went our separate ways. A mixture of food, drink, history and music - it was truly the perfect catchup.

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