Training Log

7 September 2015

This week was a struggle. A real struggle. I was just plagued with achey legs the whole week, and along with a difficult week at work, I was physically and emotionally drained. On Friday, I had a stretching and gait session with the lovely Ben at my gym, and I was shattered before I got there. I'm not a quitter and you will never hear me say that I can't do something in the gym, but I was so weak in this session. I felt awful, but Ben said that I was doing better than a lot of his clients so it shows that determination can get you through anything. I'm going to invest in some new running trainers too. I'm thinking Asics - if you have any recommendations, please do let me know before I part with my cash!

It's now less than 2 weeks until Spartan and 4 weeks until the half marathon. Aroo!

Above: Lift a medicine ball above your head and slam it to the ground. Pick it up, and do it again. 20 reps in total. Then go straight into 20 squat jumps. Try 5 rounds and see how you go. If throwing the medicine ball down is too easy, go for a heavier weight. I usually use 7kg.

Monday 31st August
8 mile cycle

Tuesday 1st September
Off training

Wednesday 2nd September
Off training

Thursday 3rd September
7 x 12 deadlift @ 60kg
5 x 12 clean and press @ 30kg
5 x 10 side lat pulls @ 30kg
5 x TRX pikes
3 x 20 ball throws @ 7kg
3 x 20 squat jumps

Friday 4th September
2.5 mile run
1 hour stretch and conditioning session with physio

Saturday 5th September
4.5 mile run

Sunday 6th September
5 x 12 lat pulls @ 35kg
5 x 12 L sits
5 x 10 tricep dips
5 x 12 5kg medicine ball throws with backward arm dip
5 x 12 press ups
5 x 12 sit ups with 7kg medicine ball
5 x 12 squat jumps

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