The Dancing Duck

1 September 2015

Bank holiday weekends mean food, drink, friends, family, more food, more drink, and even more food. Having been for my Sunday gym session, I felt like I could definitely fit in at least one more meal out. We decided to head down to The Dancing Duck in Westbourne for some grub. It only opened about two months ago as the sister of The Dancing Moose in Ashley Cross, and it's already buzzing and busy. Fortunately, my housemates ex-hubby is the manager there so he saved us a good spot and ordered some drinks in for us. It pays to get on with your old relationships ;)

Almost like someone's living room, there are cosy tables everywhere, a log burner ready for the winter and tables made out of old champagne and wine boxes. You can also hear some brilliant live music there making it a perfect place for a drink at the bar.

There's honestly something on the menu for everyone. I could have eaten pretty much anything. A mixture of burgers, chicken wings, hot dogs, salads and small tapas style dishes are what you have to choose from, and we basically picked a variety of everything.

First of all, we washed down pornstar martini's, complete with the prosecco shot.

Breadboard to start off with - warm brioche style sesame seeded bread with classic oil and balsamic vinegar. Flick and I were both wearing white so naturally, the kitchen roll came out in case of spillages. Classy ladies!

Chicken wings smothered in hot sauce, served with blue cheese dressing. They had a sauce called 'Suicide' which I was tempted to try as I love hot sauce, but thought I'd go for the normal 'hot' heat first. I'm definitely up for trying them next time!

Bigboy salad - lettuce, spinach, grilled peppers, sundried tomatoes, roasted prawns, chicken, bacon and chorizo with spiced creamy chilli dressing.

Scallops, calamari and grilled prawns with garlic aeoli and wedges of lemon. Not forgetting a few mugs of chips of course.

All finished off with the Moose Waffle to share - waffle topped with 3 scoops of ice cream, topped with whipped cream, toasted nuts and butternut sauce.

We all left with happy faces and rather tight waistlines.

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