Southbourne Sunset

12 September 2015

It's no surprise when I say I love the beach, as I've said it over and over again. The beach holds memories for me of weekends at our family beach hut on the East Coast, holidays to tropical places, horse riding along the sand and climbing palm trees. It doesn't matter what kind of day I've had - the beach will always be my go-to place at the end of it. Feeling happy? Go to the beach. Feeling sad? Have a walk along the beach. Too many thoughts in my head? Write them down in my notebook at the beach. Dog needs a walk? Go to the beach. I could go on.

As per usual, I'd taken little Max down to my local Southbourne Beach for his evening walk. I quite often take my camera down there as the sunsets can be quite spectacular and you're often in for a treat. Max made friends with another Jack Russell called Hobbs, and they ran around together whilst I took photos of the cotton candy clouds. It's quite amazing watching the colours literally change in the sky right before your eyes.

Before I knew it, it was like a Mother's Meeting of dogs, all having a chat along the sand. Anyone ever wonder what they're actually saying to each other, or just me? Once the other hounds had gone on their way, I watched the remainder of the sunset which just got more beautiful with every second. Our world never ceases to amaze me.

Max and I then had a run along the beach together. He truly is the most wonderful companion and I cannot imagine my life without that little one. We headed home for some dinner with sand residue between our toes/paws and smiles on our faces.

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