Cycling in the New Forest

5 September 2015

It wouldn't be a bank holiday in the UK without some rain would it? Of course not. But do we let the weather stop us Brits? Well, we try not to let it. I think we've all been there in the garden, trying to continue with a bbq whilst huddling under a gazebo of some sort, uttering the words 'The rain will pass soon' or 'Isn't this typical!'

I was in that mentality on bank holiday Monday. Rain, schmain. I rang Issy and told her to get the bike rack on her car. We were going on a muddy, rainy bike ride together, somewhere in the New Forest whether it rained or not.

The New Forest is right on our doorstep and it still amazes me how you can go from busy town to endless forest and wild horses. It's quite something when you think about it. The New Forest is vast and there are tons of places to go walking, biking, riding, running and general exploring. We had no agenda for this ride and ended up stopping in Bolderwood to the West of the forest. Naturally, we had no idea where we were going on this cycle. Every junction we came to in the woods, it was 'Which way now?' or 'Left? Right?' Actually, doing it this way is quite fun. Who knows where you could end up! We brushed shoulders with quite a few New Forest ponies chilling out in the heathland which is always lovely.

Even though the weather wasn't great, it didn't stop us from enjoying ourselves. We laughed and laughed and laughed, and then Issy laughed at me for being muddy and how short I am on my bike. (Note to self: lower my bike seat.) Regardless of weather, get outside and enjoy the countryside. Now we're heading into Autumn, the leaves are changing to beautiful colours and the scenery is really quite beautiful. I donned my favourite Helly Hansen coat and trail shoes which meant that I was kitted out perfectly for rain and mud.

We finished our bike ride with a drink in the Spyglass and Kettle, and toasted to a fun Summer and and awesome Autumn to come.

I think there will be many more muddy bike rides.

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