Bournemouth Hidden Gems

6 September 2015

I have always held Dorset very fondly in my heart. If you had told me in my youth that I would have chosen to live here not just once, but twice, I'm not sure I would have believed you. But here I am.

Having lived in Sherborne for two years, I'm now living in Bournemouth and happier than ever before. Whilst living in Sherborne, I explored Bournemouth and the coast line extensively. There is something for everyone here no-matter what age you are, and it's got a beach vibe that is catching. Travelodge asked me if I'd put together a list of Bournemouth's 'hidden gems' and show off the town a little bit. I accepted with pleasure.

First of all, there's the beach. But I'm not talking about the main Bournemouth Beach by the pier. I'm talking about my local beaches in my suburb of Southbourne (I say 'my' like they belong to me. I'm there enough that they might as well be.) I am lucky enough to have Southbourne Beach, Solent Beach and Hengistbury Head on my doorstep, and you can usually find me running up and down the beach front with little Max next to me, or sitting on a groyne listening to the waves and writing lyrics. It's not as busy as Bournemouth or Boscombe, and just feels like home to me now. If I've had a good day or a bad day, I can guarantee you will find me at one of these beaches.


Again, in my local Southbourne, there's the Wight Bear Ale House. A micro-pub, it has the no mobile phone rule, and anyone caught texting away gets fined - a brilliant way to get people actually talking like the good old days and step away from the technology which can often take over our life. It's not big and you could easily walk past it on the straight, however the sound of laughter and welcoming energies will pull you in. In fact, the Wight Bear Ale House is a short walk from Southbourne Beach that I just mentioned, so pop in there after your walk along the beach. You won't regret it.

My last hidden gem is The Dancing Duck in Westbourne. I actually reviewed this last week which you can see here. It's only been open nearly two months and is nestled in Westbourne high street. With a mixture of delicious food to suit everyone (I mean everyone..I could eat everything off the menu. Seriously.), live music, a fire ready to blaze in the Winter and snuggly East Coast style decor, it's become a firm favourite of the locals for a drink or a meal. Alternatively, if you're in the nearby suburb of Ashley Cross, you can visit The Dancing Duck's sister, The Dancing Moose.

If I've persuaded you to visit Bournemouth and its charming suburbs, there will be a Travelodge nearby to help you out with your stay - 4 to be precise which you can see here.

Bournemouth, Dorset and it's coast line stole my London born heart. I wonder if it will steal yours...

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  1. I don't visit Bournemouth enough, considering its the next town over! Your beaches look so perfect, and what a lovely place to go for a run, too! x

  2. LOVE the thought of a pub where there's no technology allowed!xxx

  3. After spending a few days down south in Cornwall last week I definitely want to explore the south of England more now! Dorset and Devon are both on my list; they're a bit of a drive for me but they look well worth it

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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