20 Questions

13 September 2015

1. What impresses you? People who are dedicated to something, particularly Olympic athletes.

2. Are you social? Massively! Spending time with friends and family is what I love doing the most and I'm definitely what you would describe as a 'social butterfly'.

3. What have you eaten today? Nothing yet but I'm looking forward to some proats!

4. What is your favourite dessert? I have a bit of a sweet tooth so I won't say no to many desserts if I'm honest. I do love Crème Brulee though. So delicious.

5. What time did you wake up today? 9am. It's very rare I have a lay in so it felt wonderful.

6. What scared you as a child? House fires. I remember watching an advert for smoke detectors and it terrified me for life!

7. How tall are you? A little over 5ft.

8. Do you sleep on a particular side? On my own, I quite often sleep on the left hand side. When I share the bed with someone, I generally go on whatever side the other person doesn't want! I'm not fussy.

9. A thought that has occurred to you right now: I want to do some baking at some point today.

10. What is your favourite holiday? Definitely Christmas. I'm all about the festivities!

11. What is the last text you received? It was a photo of my friend taking a selfie with their dog. Cos that's the kind of texts my friends and I send to each other.

12. Do you want children? Oh yes, I want children so very badly. I'm hoping that within the next 5 years I will be settled, married and a mother.

13. What does friendship mean to you? It's everything. I have some wonderful people in my life and I would do anything for my friends. They know that too.

14. What role do your family play in your life? They too are important. I feel very blessed to have grown up in a family that pushed me to be the best, supported me in all I've done and have given me everything I've ever needed. I've never wanted for anything and I'm grateful for the close knit unit we have.

15. Slalom or normal skiing? Well anyone who knows me will know that I'm never happier than when I'm racing slalom through the gates and hurtling down a run at 70mph. But there's nothing nicer than skiing with family and friends and enjoying the ride.

16. What kind of car do you drive? Ford Fiesta. I'm fortunate that I have a connection to the Ford Family so I get to change my cars frequently.

17. Can you sing? Yes I can! And I feel very blessed to have the natural talent for it.

18. What do you dislike? Animal cruelty. There is no justification for it. And bad manners. Manners cost nothing.

19. Are you mentally strong? I am. I've read a number of books on mental strength training, but I also think that I'm naturally strong. I can keep my focus on something else, even when things get tough.

20. What are you going to do when you've finished blogging this? The lovely Steph is coming to visit and I cannot wait to see her. We're going to have lunch and a catch up and I can't wait!

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