Walt Disney World Vlogs - Days 13-17

14 August 2015

Happy Friday!

The final WDW vlogs are here! It's actually been really emotional putting these vlogs together because it brings back so many wonderful memories. Day 13 was definitely one of the best days we had in WDW, and I'm so glad it was a day that Rosie and I spent together.

It started with the news that Rosie was going to be graduating from Loughborough University with no less than a First in English and Drama. I couldn't have been prouder, and it set the day up pretty fantastically I would say. We headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios for the final time and rode Tower of Terror as many times as we could, before singing along to the Beauty and the Beast show one final time. Gaston was particularly exceptional! After a quick lunch at The Boathouse (again), Rosie and I left our parents and headed to EPCOT for the final time so that we could finally do Soarin'. Anyone who's been to EPCOT before will know that Soarin' always has ridiculously long queues and Fastpass is actually quite hard to come by for it, so we waited it out for 80 minutes (double the longest time we had waited the whole holiday) and it was worth it! Soarin' never fails to make me smile! After EPCOT, we dashed to..of course..the Magic Kingdom for the final time. Where else would we go? We went a bit mad here and did every ride possible whilst high on life and Dole Whips. In the evening, we sat and watched Wishes which as per usual, made me cry..many..many times. It truly was the perfect day and one that I will never, ever forget.

On Day 14, I hardly filmed as we had a quiet day at Typhoon Lagoon and got chatting to many lovely people sitting near us. However, I got a snapshot of us at Seito Sushi in the evening which was absolutely divine. On Day 15, after a bit of post Downtown Disney shopping and sunbathing, we headed to the airport for our flight home. This is where it all got a bit complicated.

We ended up having many plane problems which meant us being delayed in Orlando for 3 days. Virgin Atlantic are usually a fantastic company but they let us and a lot of people down on this occasion. A lot of you know that my dad is very ill and he soon ran out of his spare medication, and my main concern was getting my dad home. Virgin didn't seem to understand this. We completely understood that delays happen, but it was the way we were treated which was the real problem. When I finally got home, my housemate said that she had never seen me look worse and that I resembled a refugee!

Travel problems aside, we had the most amazing holiday and it exceeded all of our expectations. WDW just gets better for me every time and spending so many special moments with our best friends was just a dream come true.

As a rather obsessed Disney Connoisseur, I've put together a couple of posts/videos for you to help you if you're planning on heading to WDW in the near future. Knowing the correct tips and tricks with Disney really does help save you time and money, so expect to see some posts like that coming up.

Thank you for following my WDW holiday - it's been good to have you along for the ride!

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  1. I've never been to Disney World before but would love to; just to see that Beauty and the Beast play :) Have a nice day and I hope to see you on my blog :) xx Maja
    ❤ http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com/


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