Training Log

31 August 2015

This week has been full of rainy runs, as demonstrated in my photo. My legs have been suffering this badly and foam rolling has been my friend. Fortunately, one of my friends who's also a PT at my gym is qualified in foam rolling and has been teaching me all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to stretching out my calves. If any runners have any wisdom in how to stop inner calf pain, please do share it with me! It's now less than 5 weeks until my half marathon, and 3 weeks until Spartan Race so the training needs to pick up now. One of my best friends Sara has also started up a new blog: 930 Miles. Having done the 3 Peaks Challenge, she has now set herself the task of cycling Land's End to John O'Groats and is documenting her training journey. Give it a read if you have time!

Monday 24th August
1 hour run

Tuesday 25th August
1 hour ballet class
5 x 10 lat pulls @ 40kg
5 x 10 barbell squat @ 50kg
5 x 10 deadlifts @ 50kg

Wednesday 26th August
30 minute run
1 hour LBT class

Thursday 27th August
30 mins core abs class
1 hour personal training

Friday 28th August
Off training

Saturday 29th August
30 minute run

Sunday 30th August
5 x 12 upward row @ 40kg
5 x 12 downward row @ 12kg
5 x 12 kettlebell push ups
5 x 10 TRX upward rows
5 x 10 seated rows @ 12kg
4 x Matrix 21 bicep curls @ 7kg
5 x 10 L sits

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