Training Log

24 August 2015

This week was one of those week's that you feel like you haven't trained hard enough, but when you come to look at what you've done written down, it's actually tons more than you thought, as I did lots of classes. One thing I have realised this week is that my arm strength is improving which massively pleases. My personal training sessions are going well too. It's great to have someone shouting at you and pushing you to go further when you want to give up. This week is going to be a challenge as I'm going to be camping in Wales, so it's all going to be outdoor, functional training in the rain I think. Wish me luck!

Monday 17th August
30 minute run

Tuesday 18th August
1 hour ballet
1 hour personal training

Wednesday 19th August
45 minutes LBT class
40 minute run

Thursday 20th August
30 mins core abs class
6 x 12 lat pulls @ 35kg
50 tricep dips
20 mins beach sprints
50 box jumps

Friday 21st August
Off training

Saturday 22nd August
Afternoon of paddleboarding

Sunday 23rd August
2 hour walk

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