Training Log

17 August 2015

Quite a full on week for training! I'm definitely back on my game, although I'm feeling it in my body now, but 'no pain, no gain' is very much true. My personal training session on Thursday was incredibly difficult but so worth it. Friday and Saturday were great fun as my friend Serena came to stay and I took her to the gym to give her a bit of inspiration. She soon became part of the '9pm Club' and was pretty impressed at herself for being at the gym on a Friday night! We had a brilliant session and finished with 25 minutes of boxing with my friend George. It's now 7 weeks until the half marathon so it's time to step up my running. Scared is not the word!

Monday 10th August
10 x 10 lat pulls @ 40kg
10 x 10 kettlebell swings @ 20kg
30 mins core abs class

Tuesday 11th August
30 minute run
10 x 10 lat pulls supersets @ 40kg
6 x 10 barbell squats @ 45kg
2 x Uptown Abs

Wednesday 12th August
5 x 10 500m row sprints
10 x 10 lat pulls supersets @ 40kg
100 kettlebell swings @ 16kg
50 press ups
6 x 10 leg extension @ 56.5kg

Thursday 13th August
30 mins core abs class
1 hour personal training

Friday 14th August
15/12/10/8 Bulgarian Splits
15/12/10/8 bent arm rows
15/12/15/12 press ups
15/12/10/8 TRX rows
4 x Leg press @ 102.5 - PB
6 x 10 leg extension @ 56.5kg
7x35kg barbell squat
25 mins boxing

Saturday 15th August
60 squat with kettlebell
30 squat jumps
120 kettlebell press ups
30 press ups
120 lunges with kettlebell
30 split squats
60 kettlebell swings
30 burpees

Sunday 16th August
Off training

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