Training Log

10 August 2015

Last week was a really hard week for training. I've had a virus all week and by the time I got to Thursday, I wasn't feeling my best but tried to do a little bit of hard work where I could. It was making me laugh as you could see the time it was taking me to do my workout getting higher and higher every time! I'd decided after my 30 minute run on Monday that running was off the cards this week as it was just too much work and my breathing techniques were taking a battering from the virus, so it's going to be a bit painful to go for a good length run this week now. I'm still full of the virus but massively dosing myself up so that I can get back on my game and train as hard as I can. It's now less than 8 weeks until my half marathon...scared is not the word!

Monday 3rd August
Off training

Tuesday 4th August
30 min treadmill run
6 x 10 Bulgarian Split handheld @ 15kg
10 x 10 press ups
4 x 10 thrusters handheld @ 20kg
6 x 10 bent arm curl @ 15kg
6 x 10 barbell squat @ 27kg
4 x 15 swiss ball crunches
4 x 15 swiss ball back extensions
15 mins boxing
15 one armed handstand lifts

Wednesday 5th August
Off training

Thursday 6th August
30 mins core abs class
4 x 16 kettlebell swings @ 16kg
8 x 12 deadlifts @ 20kg
5 x 12 lat pulls @ 40kg

Friday 7th August
5 x 10 deadlifts @ 20kg
5 x 12 lat pulls @ 45kg
6 x 12 barbell squat @ 30kg
5 x 15 swiss ball crunches
5 x 15 swiss ball back extensions
15 one armed handstand lifts

Saturday 8th August
Off training

Sunday 9th August
15/12/10/8 Bulgarian Split handheld @ 10kg
15/12/10/8 press ups
15/12/10/8 thrusters handheld @ 10kg
15/12/10/8 bent arm curl @ 10kg
15/12/10/8 lat pulls @ 45kg
15/12/10/8 barbell squat @ 30kg

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