Gait Analysis #PituitaryPromise

6 August 2015


Since I'm going to be running the London Marathon, I'm having to think like a 'runner'.

Let's just remember one thing though...I'm not a natural runner. Sure, I'm a fit person and I workout a hell of a lot, but I'm not a runner. So I figured that I needed to start thinking like a runner. If I get my mentality into a state where I tell myself that 'yes, I do know what I'm doing', then maybe I will continue to improve.

At the moment, every run I do, I'm getting a personal best which is obviously really encouraging and motivating. However, I do want to do things right and eliminate any possibility of hurting myself. So I decided the best thing to do was get my gait analysed.

For people who don't know what 'gait' is, it's basically a the way that your anatomy is when you run, and the idea is that if there are any weird things that you do, you can focus on putting those things right. I have started to participate in the #UKRunChat talks occasionally, as there's lots of experienced runners with a wealth of knowledge. They had recommended places to get my gait analysed, but in the end, I went with my gym as they see me pretty much every day so I thought they would be able to help the most.

Of course, I filmed the whole thing which you can watch below.

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