Cho! Drinking Gazpacho

20 August 2015

Over the years, I've been fortunate enough to review many things, but it's not often that I come across a product that I genuinely am not sure what to make of.

The product in question is Cho! Drinking Gazpacho - a traditional Spanish gazpacho but sold in a bottle, ready to have on the go and marketed as 'salad in a bottle.' With two of your five a day in every bottle, it's a great way to get your vitamins and minerals into your diet, all whilst being accessible and healthy. The flavours currently available are Tomato and Peppers, Apple and Beetroot, and Tomato and Strawberry.

When I had received the samples, the first thing I felt I needed to do was discuss the concept of 'cold soup in a bottle' with other people, so did what I know best and took the bottles to my gym. I have only tried gazpacho in Spain a handful of times, which I ate from a bowl as is usually meant to be eaten, and the Personal Trainers there were just as perplexed as I was. Cold soup in a bottle? It's a great idea, but slightly odd. All of the PT's were really intrigued as it promotes healthy living, the products are low in sugar and salt and is a great lunch or snack alternative. Think of Cho as being a savoury smoothie, and that's gazpacho. We all put the products to the taste test.

All had quite a creamy texture considering that they are low in calories (all bottles are 155 cals and under) which I wasn't expecting. The Tomato and Pepper flavour is the traditional Spanish choice, much like a traditional Spanish gazpacho. You can taste the garlic and it actually reminded me of a more liquid-like pasta sauce. The Apple and Beetroot flavour was very rustic and you could really taste the beetroot. Tomato and Strawberry was a favourite, maybe because it was the sweetest of the three with the hint of strawberry coming through. I would recommend drinking chilled, as that's when you really get the freshness of the flavours and the spring water coming through.

Being more of a fresh fruit smoothie gal, this was an interesting change. Like I said, it's not often I furrow my brow at a product because I genuinely am not sure what I think, but I did come round to the idea of having gazpacho as an on-the-go product. My taste buds are definitely more likely to grab a smoothie rather than a savoury drink, but Cho definitely adds variety to the shelf and I'm sure that you can use the products in other ways too - it would be great to try a dash of Cho with some low fat Crème Fraiche to make a low calorie pasta sauce. It ticks all the boxes for health and is packed with taste, so give it a go. You may be as surprised as I was!

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