40 Questions

11 August 2015

I haven't done a questions tag in what feels like a very long time, so if you're looking to get to know me a little bit better, this is the blog post for you! As always, feel free to do this tag, and let me know if you decide to post this on your blog.

1. Three words about me: understanding, positive, bubbly
2. The first thing I do in the morning: Have a snuggle with Max dog.
3. When I hear music on the radio: I sing along..loudly.
4. I'm looking forward to: going camping in Wales in 2 weeks time.
5. My wardrobe is full of: gym clothing.
6. When I have to get dressed up: I usually try about 7 different dresses, before settling on an old favourite. Always the way!
7. I passionate about: Disney, education, sport and music.
8. A little secret about me: I cannot eat cookies and most biscuits. I don't like the texture and they make me feel like I'm eating sweet sand!
9: I feel at my best: when training consistently.
10. In the coffee shop I order: skinny macchiato.

11. In the bar I order: champagne.
12. In a group of friends I am: the loud friend with a laugh that you can hear in Australia.
13. Within the family, I am: the independent one.
14. I can not live without: Disney
15. Children are: something that I dream of having every day. I cannot wait to be a mother!
16. At night: I hardly move when I sleep. I can wake up in exactly the same position as when I fell asleep.
17. In my bag I have: wallet, makeup, lip balm, diary and phone.
18. Training is: something that comes as standard in my life.
19. Policies are: needed in every day life.

20. Love is: the strongest force in the world.
21. In Autumn: I'll indulge in lazy Sunday afternoons, watching films and chilly dog walks along the beach. It's one of my favourite seasons as it means the run up to Winter is near!
22. By my bedside I have: lamp, photo of my Mum and I with Mickey Mouse, iPhone and my Kindle.
23. In the kitchen I: love to cook, especially for others!
24. I'm worst at: dealing with spiders. 
25. I'm best at: motivating other people.
26. I love: life! We only get one so we need to make it count!
27. What I want with my life: to become a wife and a mother, a successful career and a healthy and happy life.
28. I admire: Olympians. Such dedication to a sport.
29. The best thing I know: 'Remember who you are'

30. Unusual habit: Volume in my car/tv can only be even numbers or multiples of fives. Any other numbers make me feel sick!
31. I am a member of: many charities.
32. I believe in: God
33. You may not know that: I am a natural brunette but dye my hair blonde.
34. In the evening I: workout for a couple of hours, make dinner and sleep!
35. As a friend, I am: understanding, supportive, dedicated and loyal.
36. When I have free time: I workout lots and try and do something different, like visit new places or experiencing new things.
37. When I'm at work: I am engaged, focused and want to be the best at what I do.
38. You're allowed to lie if: you have a big, exciting secret that you're not able to tell yet!
39. In five years I am: 30 years old ahhhhh!
40. In ten years I am: 35 years old and life will probably look quite different from what it does now.

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  1. I've done it too here!


    Love your blog so much, these tag posts are always my favourite to read!

    Small and Happy lifestyle blog

    Sophia xx

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