Walt Disney World Vlogs - Days 7-9

26 July 2015

Well July..this generally isn't the weather you're meant to grace us with at this time of year. I'm currently cosy in bed, Max is curled up next to me and I'm listening to Ben Howard whilst the rain pours outside. It almost feels like November.

Anyway, time for the instalment of my Walt Disney World vlogs including trips to EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, watching a questionable Bon Jovi tribute band at House of Blues and Disney's Hollywood Studios, with shows of Illuminations (watched from a private balcony..this was amazing) and the classic Fantasmic.

I'm going to do a few further posts on the best way to do WDW, but the one thing you need to have is a plan. You may have noticed by now that our days were pretty regimented. We had things planned for the morning, reservations for lunch, things planned for the afternoon, reservations for dinner, and then usually a show in the evening. It sounds quite full on, but that truly is the best way to do WDW. You could easily not plan your days, but that would be the quickest way to miss things and not make the best of your time and money there. A dedicated post on this will be coming soon though.

For those who want to experience a more adult side of WDW, Downtown Disney is the place for this. We love going to all the different bars, and House of Blues is always a favourite. It has a southern atmosphere, great cocktails and creole food. We'd never been to the actual House of Blues live music club, so we made sure to do that this time. They actually have some amazing people playing there, and we saw a Bon Jovi tribute band. They were pretty ok, and we had had rather a few cocktails so that made it all the more enjoyable!

NB. Next year, Downtown Disney is changing and will no longer be known as Downtown Disney. It will be changing to 'Disney Springs'. So if you're heading there within the next year, make sure to observe the changes and do the classic Disney Quest as that will be closing to make way for more ESPN attractions.

I hope you're enjoying the vlogs. Make sure you're subscribed to see them when they first go live!

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