Walt Disney World Vlogs - Days 4-7

18 July 2015

Happy Saturday!

Here's the second instalment of my Walt Disney World vlogs including trips to Typhoon Lagoon, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Blizzard Beach. We had a GoPro with us so were able to have some fun with that in the wave pool and on the rapids.

NB. To anyone who's been to Typhoon Lagoon before, you will know that the waves are absolutely gigantic when you are in the pool. They look small on the video, but they truly are not in real life. Our screaming was genuine 'going to die' screams.

The waterparks hold a real nostalgia for me at Disney. Obviously I love the main parks, as a Disney obsessive should, but I'm a bit of a water baby at heart and growing up, I would spend the whole day tackling the cloud nets at Blizzard Beach or doing handstands in the lazy river at Typhoon Lagoon. It always brings back a lot of happy memories for me.

Fun fact: When I was 9 years old, I actually got lost at Blizzard Beach. Fortunately, my parents had told me that if I got lost, I had to see one of the 'ladies in the red Baywatch swimming costumes'. When this happened, I did just as I was taught and went to see a lifeguard. They put an announcement out over the tannoy and my parents came and got me. Every time we have been to Blizzard Beach since, my family mock me and remind me to see one of the 'ladies in the red Baywatch swimming costumes' in case I get lost.

Also, a note on the rain. Florida is hugely rainy. It's hot, but rainy. You can't expect to go to Florida without it raining. Generally, it rains every day, but sometimes the weather is very localised. It stormed one day when we were at Blizzard Beach, but my dad was 5 miles away in Kissimee and not a cloud was in the sky there. On the day that Rosie and I were stranded, we were walking along a golf course in Disney's Sarratoga Springs to get to Downtown Disney. The most horrendous storm, as shown in the video hit. Had a nice Disney employee not come and saved us on his golf buggy, we would have been in all sorts of trouble. My main tip? Always carry a poncho, even when its clear blue skies. The weather changes very, very quickly.

More vlogs to come - I hope you're enjoying them as much as I loved filming them, and make sure you're subscribed if you aren't already!

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