Things To Do Solo This Weekend

24 July 2015

I've always been independent. I've never needed someone else next to me to feel that I'm able to do something. Sure, it's always good to have company, but it doesn't scare me being on my own. One of the best things I've found from doing things independently is that it gives you a sense of exploration. Knowing I have a Saturday to myself can actually be one of the most exciting things!

001. Explore somewhere new. I will often open Google Maps or Trip Advisor and just pick somewhere within a certain driving range. I pack my camera, some money and some treats for the dog, and off we go...we being myself and Max of course. I'd highly recommend becoming a member of English Heritage or National Trust, then no-matter where about's you are in the country, there's always somewhere you can visit packed with beauty or history, and it's already paid for.

002. Start and finish a book. I did this last weekend. Life can be so jam packed and we forget to slow down and take in some literature. Last Sunday, I took a blanket into the garden, some pillows, made a cosy little setup and sunbathed whilst reading a book. Max lay next to me and before I knew it, I'd finished the book. Literature and a tan..what's not to love?

003. Get your bake on. Time to don the apron and try that recipe that you've been 'wanting to try for ages.' Baking time is great for focusing the mind on an end goal, and there's nothing better than seeing something you've created. Pinterest is my greatest source of inspiration when it comes to recipes, and my friends are very used to me producing food for them all to try!

004. Support the locals. I took Max to a charity fayre last weekend and entered him into a dog show. All the proceeds went to helping a local animal sanctuary and Max even came second! It's a great feeling knowing that you're doing good for your local community.

005. Work out. I absolutely love working out on my own. I get into the zone, focus on what I need to do and usually do more than I would if I was working out with someone. Don't get me wrong, working out with other people can be awesome fun and a great motivator, but everyone's bodies are different and you need to focus on what you want your body to achieve. Weekends are one of my favourite times to work out as the gym is quieter and you can spend some real quality time to yourself. Exercise is good for the soul and you will never, ever regret a workout.

006. Go for a walk. Having a dog means that I do this every day anyway, but much like exploring somewhere new, I like to explore new walks too. It's fun for me, and incredibly fun for Max with all the new smells and routes. There are a couple of great dog walking website communities where people post their favourite routes, and I've discovered some of my best walks this way. Walking is great thinking time and I always feel revived after.

007. Dine solo. A lot of people are scared about sitting in a coffee shop or going for lunch on their own, but it truly isn't something you should worry about. I often head to my local coffee shop or a restaurant and have a coffee or some lunch solo. I usually have a magazine to read, or sometimes if I have work to do, I take my laptop. The staff in my local coffee shop know me so well now that they know exactly when to refill my drink. Ideal!

What are you going to do this weekend?

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  1. Love this post, Im a fan of going solo every once in a while too and if I'm in the gym 90% of the time I prefer being on my own, headphones in and totally in the zoneee! I totally agree dining solo can be a bit scary, but I'm more than comfortable grabbing a coffee on my own.

    I'm working friday and saturday and then off saturday night and all day sunday and I have no plans at all which is super exciting!



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