Run or Dye Bournemouth - #PituitaryPromise

19 July 2015

Prior to being confirmed as running the London Marathon in 2016, I had already decided that I wanted to do Run or Dye. I'd seen the hype over social media - having dye pelted at you whilst you run a 5K..what's not to love? When my place on the marathon was confirmed, I decided that Run or Dye would be my first official challenge of my #PituitaryPromise campaign. I can run 5K easily, as it's what I would run most runs, but I wanted to do this for the process of receiving an actual runners number, having to register and the feeling of standing at a start line, and then running across a finish line. Run or Dye isn't cheap at £25, but I felt it would be worth it.

I filmed the whole thing on the GoPro which you can watch below.

A knock on the front door and Rosie had arrived - you really think I'd run this on my own? Hell no, it's far too much fun to throw dye at people and laugh at them. So Rosie was my friend of choice to run this with me. Thanks girl! There was no bag drop at Kings Park so we rationed our items that we could take and made the walk to the registration area, which is conveniently a couple of minutes walk from my house. Despite it being 9am, there was a real buzz in the air and a great variety of people had come out to participate.

We registered, picked up our race tshirt, race number and a bag with some fun stuff and dye in. After a quick wander around the stalls, we made ourselves at home and chilled for a bit. Before we knew it, everyone was jumping up and down in the warm up. On the main stage, they were throwing out extra packets of dye, and before we'd even checked what colour dye we'd been given, people started throwing their packs around. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. By the time we reached the start line, everyone was already a nice shade of pink or orange.

The race itself was perfectly fine. The course went around Kings Park and you ran through gates at every 1K and had dye thrown at you. As it was a little breezy, it was like running through a giant coloured gas cloud, but it was extremely fun. I had a mouthful of green dye in the face at the 4th gate and continued to run with green teeth - seriously hot stuff!

When we reached the end, we were given some more dye which we threw at each other manically..that's the only way to do it guys. Go hard or go home. I had a cuddle with Hero the Bear who's Help for Heroes mascot (H4H are the main charity for Run or Dye), we jumped around to the music for a while and then headed home in a bit of a multi-coloured state. All in all, a pretty awesome morning.

So, I've officially completed my first ever organised running event - it can only be onwards and upwards from here right? My next organised race is the Bournemouth Half Marathon in October, but I may slot in a 10K before there somewhere if I can locate one!

If you'd like to donate to my #PituitaryPromise campaign, you can do so here.

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