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31 July 2015

It is a firm belief of mine that flowers can make everything seem that little bit better, no-matter the situation. Birthdays, anniversaries, happy occasions, sad occasions, acts of romance, acts of apology, or just because they simply look nice - flowers are always there and play a big part in peoples lives whether they realise it or not. I used to always buy flowers once a week without fail for my living room and bedroom, but I have found that supermarket flowers don't seem to last as long as I would like. After receiving some flowers from Bloom & Wild, I started buying from a variety of specialist florists and online flower delivery and was really happy with the results as the blooms would always last that little bit longer and you do get more for your money. I'm a total convert.

Debenhams Flowers got in touch recently as they wanted to send me one of their Summer Bouquets. How delightful! They offer delivery on a day of your choice, or if you need something more last minute, next day flowers are an option. I picked a bouquet - gorgeous roses and sunflowers. However, within a day, the flowers seemed to be wilting a bit and not how they should look when you have a new bouquet. I emailed Debenhams Flowers and sent a couple of photos. The day that they had sent them to me had been a particularly hot day and they could have possibly been a little cooked in transit.

In this instance, Debenhams Flowers assured me that I was to be treated like a customer - this was reassuring when bloggers can be treated with a lot of disrespect nowadays. They agreed that the flowers weren't their best and they'd send me another bouquet on a day that suited me. They were quick to reply and very obliging - brilliant customer service all round. I decided to pick a different bouquet to see if that made any difference, and went for a Lily, Rose and Peony bouquet - mixes of all of my favourite flowers.

This time, the flowers were perfect. They arrived in an upright box, secured inside so they don't damage in transit, and are encased in a special waterproof flannel at the bottom to keep the flowers hydrated. You get instructions with your flowers in how to keep them at their best for longer which is really helpful and my lilies had opened and bloomed in a matter of days. Before you head out to your local supermarket and pick up some flowers, I highly recommend considering purchasing some flowers by post. The whole process with simple, easy and professional, and this bouquet was one of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever received.

Debenhams Flowers have been kind enough to offer readers of Little Glitter a discount of 25% on their bouquets with the code DFBLOG25. You should 100% all treat yourself - go's payday!

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  1. Beautiful choice....although what a shame about the first bouquet! Debenhams sent me a bouquet not too long ago and it was beautiful! The photos of them are now my screensaver on my phone, and I'm forever on the lookout for a bunch of flowers that are equally as beautiful! I may have to admit defeat though, as no others have matched up to the Debenhams ones.....I think I may have to make an order to get more! x

    Lorna // Lorna, literally.

    1. They're such gorgeous flowers aren't they Lorna! I'm definitely going to be ordering more. They lasted so long too! x

  2. They're so pretty!
    I love flowers, and taking photos of flowers, and just having flowers in the house <3 xx

    1. They're absolutely gorgeous aren't they Steph! x


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