Suitcase Essentials

7 June 2015

Holiday klaxon! I fly to Orlando in 13 days, and to say I'm looking forward to it is the biggest understatement of 2015. It's more can't sleep, can't eat, must hug Mickey Mouse as soon as I get there excitement. I'm not going to even begin to describe about my Disney obsession as you all know about that already.

I have been packing pretty much constantly for the last month. I've tactically had my Roxy suitcase to one side in my room so that every time I buy a new pair of shorts or a new top, I just whack in, and then I'm already half way there. Crafty eh? It now means that I have no last minute packing panic and all I need to do is just double check everything, zip it up, and head off to Gatwick for a glass of pre-flight champagne. Ideal.

So what are my suitcase essentials for this year? Read on friends.

001. Travel Documents - I'm going to Orlando as part of a group of family friends, and currently, I do not have a single travel document on me as I didn't book the holiday. However, when I do, they will be going straight in my Cath Kidston travel wallet, along with my passport and travel insurance. If you're a bit of a travel document freak like myself, then travel wallets are ideal. When I went skiing in March, I had extra print outs of all of our bookings and transfers just because I like to be careful. You never know people!

002. Toiletries - We're staying at Disney's Old Key West Resort, and I'm sharing a room with my total bff Rosie, so we've decided to be savvy and share toiletries to save room on packing, and it means there's more room for shopping when we're away (oh yes!). Obviously, we take the usual shampoos, conditioners, body wash etc, but I like to buy sun lotion when I'm in Florida. Australian Gold is divine and half the price as in the UK.

003. Clothes - Unlike a lot of holidays, you don't have to massively dress up in Disney. I'm taking a couple of Summer dresses, but am mainly packing comfortable clothes for days around the parks such as shorts, tshirts, mini dresses and flip flops. I'm also in love with my new Nike's for roaming the parks in. They will keep me rather comfortable all day.

004. Adaptors - This is probably my best tip (and one I have to thank Brogan for). I always pack an adaptor, but pack an extension lead as well. We've all been there when you only have one adaptor - someone wants to charge their phone and/or camera, someone wants to dry their hair etc. The extension lead eliminates all the hassle.

Now I just have to wait two weeks until I'm boarding that Virgin Atlantic flight, and I think time is going to go very slowly... It's been 6 months since I last gave Mickey Mouse a hug and I'm ready to see him again!

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  1. I'm so excited! I'm going to be glued to your Facebook/Insta to watch for photo updates!
    Those shorts are amazing.

  2. Hope you enjoy Disney world, its on my list of places to go!


  3. Ooh so jealous! I love Florida so so much! Hopefully booking a trip back next year soon!

    Daisy x

  4. Ah I bet you're going to have an incredible time! I'm going to Orlando for the first time in September and I cannot. wait.

    I'm glad you said about dressing down, was debating on whether to take my Nike's but I reckon I will now!


  5. Nice Inspirations

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  6. I love your passport case! Have fun in Orlando, I am very jealous!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. So jealous you are going to Orlando! Have an amazing time :D


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  9. really helpful post! so jealous! have a great time!

  10. Have fun in Orlando. Seems as though you're bound to have a jolly trip, especially with all those awesome bright colors. :]

    // ▲ ▲

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