London Marathon 2016 #PituitaryPromise

14 June 2015

A month and a half ago, I embarked on a campaign that is going to play a rather exciting, wonderful, scary and massive part in my life over the next 10 months.

I will be running the London Marathon in April 2016 for The Pituitary Foundation.

Firstly, big shout out goes to Rosie. On the day I found out I had been offered a place to run, I drove round to her house screaming 'help me!!' and both she and her hubby reassured me I was doing something absolutely amazing. Classic me, playing it cool as always.

Why am I crazy enough to be doing this?

- My Dad suffered a brain tumour in 2008, and whilst going through radiotherapy, his pituitary gland was 'zapped' by mistake and killed off.
- Although he is 'well' from his brain tumour, he now lives every day on a concoction of pills, injections and gels to give him replacement hormones that his pituitary gland cannot make. Without the crazy amount of medication he has to take daily, he would die.
- The Pituitary Foundation are a small charity. Their funding is tiny compared to many charities, and I want to make a difference and give them the airtime and awareness that they deserve. They only get 1 place in the London Marathon every 5 years, which is ridiculous. I'm proud to be doing this for them.
- Over 50,000 people in the UK have a rare pituitary disorder, and it makes life incredibly hard. Imagine living life without hormones? No. I can't either. But over 50,000 people have to.

My Dad's life will never be the same. Every day is a struggle for him and our family, but I wanted to prove to him that anything is possible. He is very much a glass half empty person, but I'm a glass half full girl, and my glass has champagne in. He is lucky to be alive, and despite the complications, life is worth living and more awareness needs to be made about the 'Master Gland'. We all have this gland after all, but most of us don't even know its there.

Over the next 10 months, I will be training hard for the end goal..the London Marathon, and will have a number of challenges along the way, including Run or Dye and the Bournemouth Half Marathon. There will also be a number of exciting fundraisers on the way, including things to do with my music.

This video explains it all much better than I can in a blog post.

I hope you join me on my journey, and if anyone can spare any cash, nomatter how much, then YOU are helping me to make positive change. My JustGiving page is here, and please follow my #PituitaryPromise campaign as much as you can.

Thank you xxx

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  1.! Can't wait to follow you along this incredible little journey :) Feel proud xx

    Sam x

    Simpliste Daily

  2. I second Sam's comment! You're doing an incredible thing and you should feel extra extra proud! xx

  3. Wow how exciting for you! And for an amazing cause. Good luck and look forward to following your journey... x

  4. So amazing, you should feel very proud of yourself and you're going to ace it! x

  5. Good luck! Enjoy the journey. Well done for doing something so good and helping out a great cause.
    Be warned though, marathon running becomes addictive!


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