Scissors Bournemouth #TimeToShine

25 May 2015

One of my main beliefs in life is that if your hair looks good, then you will feel good. I would rather go without make up but have gorgeous locks, than have a face full of products but crappy hair. If my hair is in good condition, then I feel in good condition. It sounds cliché, but it's true.

Last week, Rosie and I were invited down to Scissors hair salon in Bournemouth for their #TimeToShine event. Scissors have quite a few branches around Bournemouth and the surrounding areas but I'd never been before, so I was excited to see what they had in store. First thing I was surprised with was how big the salon was. From the front, it looks small but that's because the salon is actually upstairs. It has gorgeous views over the Pleasure Gardens and felt spacious and airy - a really nice surprise.

We were quickly whisked into a chair each and treated to a wash and blow dry each. I never really have my hair blow dried when I have my hair done as I'm usually heading off to the gym after so I never really see the point. So you can imagine that this felt like a real treat! My blow dry was done with volume, and Rosie went for a blow dry with curls. Gorgeous!

Afterwards, we went and had our skin tones checked. I've never had this done before so it was really interesting. The girl basically put different colours of cloth around the shoulders/neck area, and from this, you could work out what skin tones you had and what hair shades you should be asking for when having your hair dyed. I ended up with warm tones and Rosie had cool tones, which was pretty spot on as despite us both having dyed blonde hair, we both have slightly different colours.

It was a really lovely event and a real treat to be pampered, so thank you to Scissors!

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  1. Lovely pictures, you look great :)

  2. You both look lovely! It's funny, because I'm the complete opposite - I can forgo doing my hair as long as my face looks decent. That said, it was easier to get away with when I had longer hair....short hair is much higher maintenance! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast

  3. Both of you look lush. I always contemplate going to a salon just to get a blow dry because I love how polished it looks even if you are having a bad or non makeup day!

    Leanne x

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  4. You both look gorgeous! Your hair looks so full of volume :)

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL

  5. Love both of your hair, you look fabbb.

    Sophie x


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