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22 May 2015

These posts seem to go down pretty well with you guys, so I'm gonna carry on doing them.

Rosie and I popped to the #timetoshine event at Scissors Bournemouth the other day to check out their salon and see what they had on offer. This included a nice drink of prosecco, a wash and blow dry, and I got my skin tones checked with a colour chart which was interesting! But more on that to come in a post next week.

I had a gorgeous meal with my family at Galvin at Windows on Park Lane. We were wined and dined, and the food was absolutely gorgeous. After the meal, we 'hotel hopped' going to all the variety of rooftop bars and ending in ME London on the Strand which is one of my favourite bars. It was such a lovely day and reminded me how important family are, and also that London will always be my home. I may live in Bournemouth but my gosh am I grateful to have grown up in the hustle and bustle of the best city on earth.

Fitness is going well as ever. I was asked recently 'how do you keep so motivated?' and it's definitely routine. Humans are creatures of habit and once you have a routine going, it becomes second nature. My mixture of running, bootcamp, ballet, metafit and crossfit is doing me well. More to come on my fitness routine in a separate post, but for now, here's my face after metafit. It was painful that day. It's not called a 'work-out' for no reason.

What do I have in store for the long awaited bank holiday weekend? Saturday is consisting of a run along the beach front and some clothes shopping for Orlando, and most definitely watching Eurovision in the evening (come on Latvia!...long story). Sunday, I'm off to Bournemouth 7s which is basically a mixture between a sports and music festival. Some of the lads are playing rugby in the morning and then hopefully the sun will be out so we can enjoy some beverages in the sunshine and listen to some music. It should be good fun! Monday could potentially be a recovery day from Sunday...

I'm also going to be watching Kingsman on Sunday night and live tweeting through it. I've never seen it before so I'm excited! Make sure you keep an eye on the hashtag #KingsmanDigitalHD and follow @KingsmanHD from 6pm as there are going to be some awesome prizes being given away on the night!

What have you all been up to? Enjoy the bank holiday!

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  1. You're hair looks fab! I totally agree with what you said about a routine. I workout everyday around half 6 and it's just stuck.
    Jenna Suth: Beauty, Fashion and All Things Girly ♥

  2. Ah nothing beat a good old pampering session does it?!

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