17 May 2015

I am absolutely awful with jewellery. I don't have much of it because I am far too sentimental, and only seem to wear jewellery that means something to me, be it a charm on a piece of string, a Help for Heroes band or my Mickey Mouse earrings. I'm pretty boring with jewellery, I will admit it.

In a bid to branch out, I was asked to pick a piece of jewellery from JewelStreet, an online jewellery shop with items from individual sellers. Considering I don't really buy jewellery, this was actually quite a difficult task. I had no idea what sort of thing I was even looking for. Bracelet? Earrings? Necklace? One great thing about the website was the ease of use. You could filter your search to the highest of specifics, and it was from this that I chose my item.

I filtered to animals and found the most cute little fox earrings from Reeves and Reeves. Anyone who knows me well knows that I adore foxes, so these earrings were the perfect little addition to my jewellery box. They're small, light to wear and typically Tamsin.

What I didn't expect was a lovely surprise. When Reeves and Reeves sent me the earrings, they had been onto my blog and seen my history with the military and my support for Help for Heroes. Along with the earrings, I received a lovely hand written letter, and two bracelets from the Help for Heroes jewellery collection. R&R explained that they were the official licensee for all H4H jewellery, and wanted me to have these two bracelets which will eventually be sold on JewelStreet too.

One item of jewellery I wear every day without fail is my H4H band. It cost £2 and I must have bought about 10 over the years due to wear and tear and them eventually snapping. It's always the best £2 I spend. To have these two bracelets sent to me really overwhelmed me. What a thoughtful thing to do. I will 100% be wearing them with pride as an alternate to the classic H4H band you see on my wrist in every photo.

Thank you JewelStreet, but particularly to Reeves and Reeves for one: being so generous, and two: for creating jewellery for one of the best causes there is.

You're absolutely wonderful.

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