Christchurch Food Festival

11 May 2015

Having awoken rather early Saturday morning, I decided to pop down to Christchurch Food Festival before it started to get inevitably busy. This food and wine celebration comes around every May, and the high street is lined with stalls and sellers of a whole variety of good eats and delicious drinks. This year, Levi Roots was doing demonstrations, as well as a talk by Jimmy of Jimmy's Iced Coffee. Fortunately after a rainy evening the night before, the sun made an appearance too which made the whole event even more lovely.

I'd actually already just eaten a breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon at Cheese and Alfie's, so I had to settle for just smelling the food and wishing I could eat it all (this wasn't fun at the time, but my waist line is better for it.) I was particularly interested in the varieties of olives and infused cooking oils. They smelt like every delicious holiday to hot places that I'd ever been.

After wandering the streets twice, it was time to burn off the pancakes with a long 12 kilometre walk along the beach front. The sun was doing its job nicely and we even pushed the boat out and had a typically British ice cream by Fisherman's Walk (possibly the worlds most expensive ice cream.. £4.50 for two 99 flakes...I kid you not. Whatever happened to the days of them actually being 99p?) Max and I were soon flaked out dosing for the rest of the afternoon.

All in all, a rather lovely Saturday.

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  1. I went to the food festival and have just written a post all about it too. Cheese & Alfie's is delicious isn't it? I spotted a sign in the window for burger nights on Thursday so will definitely have to go and check that out soon. Glad you enjoyed the festival, gutted I missed the talk from Jimmy.


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