Father's Day with Snapfish

31 May 2015

Father’s Day is usually a tricky one for me. What do you get the dad who has everything? If he wants something, he gets it. That doesn't leave me much room for inspiration. This year is even more difficult as we’re actually in Orlando for Father’s Day, so now I have to find something transportable and take it with me to Florida too.

Just for jokes, here is a photo of my Dad, Mum and I ready for an Indian wedding.

I think that sometimes personalised things are the best type of presents you can give to close family and friends. It’s a great way to highlight memories, holidays and relationships, and is always guaranteed to bring a smile to the recipients face. Ok. Personalised item decided. Now what to get him? The main thing I needed to remember is that it has to be able to fit in my suitcase so it wouldn't be the best time to sort a personalised cushion or something.

My dad has started helping out a friend’s family business and he’s often driving around as part of an ambulance service. As he gets so tired due to his illness, I thought that a personalised travel mug would be the perfect item. He can have it on the road with him and hopefully save some pennies not having to buy from Costa or Starbs. Not only that, but he can even use it in Orlando if he gets a little bit tired around the parks. It's really sturdy and has a little handle at the top for ease too.

Because my dad also loves the pets in our family, I decided to order a personalised keyring too. The photo is one I took at the end of last year, of Max, Buzz and Rufus all licking out a bowl together. They’re like the Three Musketeers and it’s a great photo. It's only small, but it's going to make him smile and I can see him having it jangling on his keys very soon.

I've used Snapfish before a couple of times and their service is always quick, speedy and easy, not to mention inexpensive. Father's Day is Sunday 21st June so if you wanted to do something personalised with Snapfish, make sure you get your orders in before 15th June. To get 40% off the whole website, make sure you use the code SFBLOGS. You can thank me later.

Fortunately my Dad won't see this post before we head to Orlando, as he's far too busy tending to the chickens or playing golf to read my blog. However, I know he will love the gifts. Even better, he will be opening them before we go to the Magic Kingdom. What a lovely Father's Day it will be!

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*Collaborative post

Scissors Bournemouth #TimeToShine

25 May 2015

One of my main beliefs in life is that if your hair looks good, then you will feel good. I would rather go without make up but have gorgeous locks, than have a face full of products but crappy hair. If my hair is in good condition, then I feel in good condition. It sounds cliché, but it's true.

Last week, Rosie and I were invited down to Scissors hair salon in Bournemouth for their #TimeToShine event. Scissors have quite a few branches around Bournemouth and the surrounding areas but I'd never been before, so I was excited to see what they had in store. First thing I was surprised with was how big the salon was. From the front, it looks small but that's because the salon is actually upstairs. It has gorgeous views over the Pleasure Gardens and felt spacious and airy - a really nice surprise.

We were quickly whisked into a chair each and treated to a wash and blow dry each. I never really have my hair blow dried when I have my hair done as I'm usually heading off to the gym after so I never really see the point. So you can imagine that this felt like a real treat! My blow dry was done with volume, and Rosie went for a blow dry with curls. Gorgeous!

Afterwards, we went and had our skin tones checked. I've never had this done before so it was really interesting. The girl basically put different colours of cloth around the shoulders/neck area, and from this, you could work out what skin tones you had and what hair shades you should be asking for when having your hair dyed. I ended up with warm tones and Rosie had cool tones, which was pretty spot on as despite us both having dyed blonde hair, we both have slightly different colours.

It was a really lovely event and a real treat to be pampered, so thank you to Scissors!

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Life Lately

22 May 2015

These posts seem to go down pretty well with you guys, so I'm gonna carry on doing them.

Rosie and I popped to the #timetoshine event at Scissors Bournemouth the other day to check out their salon and see what they had on offer. This included a nice drink of prosecco, a wash and blow dry, and I got my skin tones checked with a colour chart which was interesting! But more on that to come in a post next week.

I had a gorgeous meal with my family at Galvin at Windows on Park Lane. We were wined and dined, and the food was absolutely gorgeous. After the meal, we 'hotel hopped' going to all the variety of rooftop bars and ending in ME London on the Strand which is one of my favourite bars. It was such a lovely day and reminded me how important family are, and also that London will always be my home. I may live in Bournemouth but my gosh am I grateful to have grown up in the hustle and bustle of the best city on earth.

Fitness is going well as ever. I was asked recently 'how do you keep so motivated?' and it's definitely routine. Humans are creatures of habit and once you have a routine going, it becomes second nature. My mixture of running, bootcamp, ballet, metafit and crossfit is doing me well. More to come on my fitness routine in a separate post, but for now, here's my face after metafit. It was painful that day. It's not called a 'work-out' for no reason.

What do I have in store for the long awaited bank holiday weekend? Saturday is consisting of a run along the beach front and some clothes shopping for Orlando, and most definitely watching Eurovision in the evening (come on Latvia!...long story). Sunday, I'm off to Bournemouth 7s which is basically a mixture between a sports and music festival. Some of the lads are playing rugby in the morning and then hopefully the sun will be out so we can enjoy some beverages in the sunshine and listen to some music. It should be good fun! Monday could potentially be a recovery day from Sunday...

I'm also going to be watching Kingsman on Sunday night and live tweeting through it. I've never seen it before so I'm excited! Make sure you keep an eye on the hashtag #KingsmanDigitalHD and follow @KingsmanHD from 6pm as there are going to be some awesome prizes being given away on the night!

What have you all been up to? Enjoy the bank holiday!

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Cath Kidston Beach Huts #RandomActsOfKidston

21 May 2015

Max has decided he'd quite like to be a model for Cath Kidston.

Cath Kidston Beach Hut

Cath Kidston have decided to brighten up Bournemouth Beach with five beautiful decorated beach huts in new designs Clouds, River Fish, Paradise Fields, and two classics of Antique Rose and Button Spot. This is part of their #RandomActsOfKidston campaign, so make sure you keep an eye on that hashtag on Twitter!

Rosie and I were invited to come and have a look at the newly decorated huts, and so we took a stroll from Boscombe Beach down to Bournemouth Beach, along with Max and Bodhi and her new hubby Tom. It was a gorgeous morning so we walked and talked, and caught up about Rosie and Tom's fabulous 4 week long honeymoon (what a dream!).

Cath Kidston's aim is to try and brighten up peoples day, and I think that they've certainly succeeded with this one. We spotted the beach huts from quite a distance when walking the dogs, and they are absolutely beautiful. They're also available to rent which is great news for tourists! If you head to Bournemouth Pier and walk left towards Boscombe, you'll find them at numbers 2368 - 2372.

Cath Kidston Beach Hut

Cath Kidston Beach Hut

Cath Kidston Beach Hut

We spent a rather long time trying to get Bodhi and Max to sit outside the beach huts together for a few cute photos but just as one would sit, the other would run off to sniff at something. Typical dogs! The new prints are absolutely gorgeous, my favourite being the Clouds print. They have so many lovely things on their website in this print and I definitely need to get my hands on some bits for my holiday. 

Cath Kidston Beach Hut

I think Rosie and I could be good Cath Kidston models..we definitely have the Cath Kidston happiness on point, don't you think?

These beach huts are limited edition until September so if you want to rent them for a day out (they come kitted with matching deck chairs!) or just to visit for happy photo purposes, then make sure you get involved!

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17 May 2015

I am absolutely awful with jewellery. I don't have much of it because I am far too sentimental, and only seem to wear jewellery that means something to me, be it a charm on a piece of string, a Help for Heroes band or my Mickey Mouse earrings. I'm pretty boring with jewellery, I will admit it.

In a bid to branch out, I was asked to pick a piece of jewellery from JewelStreet, an online jewellery shop with items from individual sellers. Considering I don't really buy jewellery, this was actually quite a difficult task. I had no idea what sort of thing I was even looking for. Bracelet? Earrings? Necklace? One great thing about the website was the ease of use. You could filter your search to the highest of specifics, and it was from this that I chose my item.

I filtered to animals and found the most cute little fox earrings from Reeves and Reeves. Anyone who knows me well knows that I adore foxes, so these earrings were the perfect little addition to my jewellery box. They're small, light to wear and typically Tamsin.

What I didn't expect was a lovely surprise. When Reeves and Reeves sent me the earrings, they had been onto my blog and seen my history with the military and my support for Help for Heroes. Along with the earrings, I received a lovely hand written letter, and two bracelets from the Help for Heroes jewellery collection. R&R explained that they were the official licensee for all H4H jewellery, and wanted me to have these two bracelets which will eventually be sold on JewelStreet too.

One item of jewellery I wear every day without fail is my H4H band. It cost £2 and I must have bought about 10 over the years due to wear and tear and them eventually snapping. It's always the best £2 I spend. To have these two bracelets sent to me really overwhelmed me. What a thoughtful thing to do. I will 100% be wearing them with pride as an alternate to the classic H4H band you see on my wrist in every photo.

Thank you JewelStreet, but particularly to Reeves and Reeves for one: being so generous, and two: for creating jewellery for one of the best causes there is.

You're absolutely wonderful.

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Christchurch Food Festival

11 May 2015

Having awoken rather early Saturday morning, I decided to pop down to Christchurch Food Festival before it started to get inevitably busy. This food and wine celebration comes around every May, and the high street is lined with stalls and sellers of a whole variety of good eats and delicious drinks. This year, Levi Roots was doing demonstrations, as well as a talk by Jimmy of Jimmy's Iced Coffee. Fortunately after a rainy evening the night before, the sun made an appearance too which made the whole event even more lovely.

I'd actually already just eaten a breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon at Cheese and Alfie's, so I had to settle for just smelling the food and wishing I could eat it all (this wasn't fun at the time, but my waist line is better for it.) I was particularly interested in the varieties of olives and infused cooking oils. They smelt like every delicious holiday to hot places that I'd ever been.

After wandering the streets twice, it was time to burn off the pancakes with a long 12 kilometre walk along the beach front. The sun was doing its job nicely and we even pushed the boat out and had a typically British ice cream by Fisherman's Walk (possibly the worlds most expensive ice cream.. £4.50 for two 99 flakes...I kid you not. Whatever happened to the days of them actually being 99p?) Max and I were soon flaked out dosing for the rest of the afternoon.

All in all, a rather lovely Saturday.

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Up and Go UK

9 May 2015

It's official that I am possibly one of the worst people at eating breakfast in the morning. Who has time for breakfast?! I'm too busy trying to wake up for starters, then I have to find the day's outfit, sort my hair and makeup, take Max for a decent walk, make sure my gym bag is packed for that day...where is the time for breakfast?!

If I had time in the mornings, I would make a gorgeous protein filled brek, sit down with the news on and have some morning 'me time'. Unfortunately that doesn't exist on a weekday. It's usually me watching 30 seconds of the news highlights whilst throwing some form of top on in a rather quick manner so that I can take Max out for morning walkies.

Up until recently, I hadn't found any quick breakfasts that I'd enjoy. I particularly like Upbeat protein drinks but I wouldn't necessarily have them for breakfast, and even though I love porridge, I'm not a big fan of eating it in the Summer months. I need something quick and easy, yet nutritious that I can have on the go. That's where Up and Go came into the picture. I didn't even have to blink and an exciting parcel filled with some of their goodies arrived on my doorstep.

So what is Up and Go? You may have seen their 'Aussie's Suck' campaign floating around over the last few weeks, as well as a rather large inflatable assault course in the shape of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yes, you guessed it. Australia's favourite breakfast drink had landed on British soil. Each breakfast drink is made with wholegrain oats, and contains as much fibre and calcium as your average bowl of cereal and milk. It's also got extra protein in and fortified with vitamins and minerals, which is great for gym goers like myself. There's three flavours to choose from - chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. All taste great, even the strawberry, which usually I'd not be a fan of.

You can now find me sipping one of these breakfasts either in the car on the way to work, or at my desk as I reply to my morning emails. The Aussie's have converted me and I now make sure I get my dose of breakfast every morning. Well done Up and Go..I applaud you!

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Please note: This is not a sponsored post and Up and Go UK did not ask me to write this review. They kindly sent me some samples 'just because' and I loved their product that much that I wanted you all to know about it. Aussie's may suck, but their breakfast drinks don't ;)

Life Lately

8 May 2015

It's probably time for a quick 'life lately' post isn't it?


I'm going to be doing more posts just on fitness as it has been requested by a few people. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life but I have been massively upping my game recently. I'm now training 6 times a week, a mixture of weights, HIIT, LISS, ballet and running. It's pretty intense but I always feel on my game when I'm working out, and having the variety is really important to me. I'm also just starting the Bikini Guide from LDN Muscle which I'm looking forward to seeing results from. Also girls, don't be afraid to work your legs. I've spent my whole life hating my 'gymnast legs' but I've started to embrace them recently. They show strength and power, and I'd rather have muscular legs than anything else. #loveyourlegs

Some people go to the shops on their lunch break, some go to the pub, some read, and some choose to not even take their break. All are good, but I did something even better. I went and gave blood. If you're scared of doing it, please don't be. It takes no time at all and I personally find plucking my eyebrows far more painful (which doesn't even hurt at all..anyone who says that hurts has a seriously low pain threshold!) I sat back, chilled for 10 minutes whilst my blood was taken and read a magazine. I was back in the office before I knew it and booked in for my next donation in August. Giving blood can save someone's life. I can't think of any better reason than to do it....that and you get free biscuits after ;)

I've found a new church to sing at finally. It's not something I ever rush into as you have to be sure that you will be happy to attend rehearsals and give up your time (and mornings) on Sundays but I'm singing at Christchurch Priory and I couldn't be happier. Christchurch Priory is an outstanding building and steeped in history, so the fact I get to sing beautiful music there is more than ideal. It's nice to know that even though I don't teach music any more, I still get to be a part of the music community.

Other than that, I've been spending time with family and friends, re-watching old films with my housemates, helping my parents tend to their chickens and ducks (one of which is called Quackula...I kid you not) and trying to keep my blonde hair at the optimum blondeness through a variety of purple shampoos.

What have you been up to? Happy Friday!

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