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4 April 2015

It's Easter Weekend, I have nothing on and it's been a while since I've sat down and wrote about what is going on in my life. Max is snuggled on the throw at the end of my bed, I've got reruns of Friends playing on tv and drinking an electrolyte drink to bring some goodness back into my body. I'm a bit more melancholy than usual but it's just a phase, I'm sure.

Time for an update? Probably.

001. LOCATION: I've moved. Again. I know, I seem to be all over the place all the time. I lived in Dorset for two years a few years ago, and I decided to move back, except this time, I'm based in Bournemouth itself rather than in the sticks. I sorted somewhere to live pretty quickly, it's in a great location and I'm comfortable. Surrey didn't have anything for me any more. I only ever made good memories in Dorset so I've come back in my quest to do just the same.

002. FITNESS: I've been running like crazy. I've always enjoyed to run but something has clicked with me recently and it's just like I can't stop. A bonus is that Max loves to run too, so I can take him with me and we run along the beachfront together. Every day, I've been doing a circuit of between 5k - 13k (depending on how I feel) and I'm feeling really on my game. I've also signed up to a gym in Christchurch (which a certain Rosie recruited me for!) and I'm excited to get back to some training and classes. I'm also a new captain for a ladies football team, so loads in the pipeline.

003. BIRTHDAY: I turned 25 last week and I'm still a bit reflective about the whole thing. I honestly thought I'd be in a different position by the time I turned this age. I had always pictured myself being married with a child on the way, but I'm sure there's another path for me. Despite this, I had some nice celebrations including lots of meals (generally Japanese because I can never eat enough Japanese), some of the nicest cocktails I've ever had, and a surprise afternoon tea at The Sanderson.

004. BEACH: Ok this gets its own section because since moving to the coast, I cannot get enough of the beach. I've always loved the seaside and grew up going to my families beach hut every weekend, but there's something even better about living right by the coast in my twenties. Other than my runs along the front, I've been walking Max there in the evenings to watch the sunset, and just sitting taking in the fresh air and clearing my thoughts. Nothing has given me clarity like the beach has before now and I'm so grateful to live a few minutes walk away.

What have you all been up to? Update me.

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  1. Ahh Tamsin I'm a little bit sad that you're not living close by anymore, but super pleased that you're happy, and excited to see what the future holds! x

    Lorna // Scared Toast

  2. I'm liking your running shoes! Are they Skechers?

    1. Thank you! They're New Balance and I can highly recommend them :)

  3. Plenty of time for marriage and babies. Wait till you get to my age and you have neither. I feel like some sort of social leper for being a bit "behind".
    Your running/fitness is very inspiring. I need to take a leaf out of your book! x


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